My 1st semester German class is drawing to a close; there are 5 classes left. The class that began with 30 students today had 5. We were all proverbially naked, laid bare in the eyes of Frau Carson. She has intensified the depth & amount of knowledge that she is forcing upon us. It’s interesting to me that as the people have dropped the class, she has shifted from teaching the class to reading the book to us, & then assigning vast amounts of homework.

I believe that the work I’m doing now could possibly be done better on my own, with the book I purchased, in conjunction with a CD driven language learning program like Pimsleur than I am right now, & without the pressure of a ‘strong minded’ German woman making (or at least attempting to make) intimidating faces at me, compelling me to do better.

It’s by the sheer force of will that I keep going – & that the Bean hasn’t melted yet. Sigh.

Verstehen sie Deutsch?

The Bean & I are finally in a German class. Took years to get in, as Reno isn’t quite the hotbed of learning to Deutsch it up. Our instructor is only 3 years off the boat (so to speak) from Hamburg, which of course makes her a Hamburgerin… Frau Carson.

We’re learning vocab, verbs, nouns, & proper nouns. Now, if the good frau will only teach us how to conjugate the verbs, I can get cracking on massacre-ing another language.

Here I go!

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