Verstehen sie Deutsch?

The Bean & I are finally in a German class. Took years to get in, as Reno isn’t quite the hotbed of learning to Deutsch it up. Our instructor is only 3 years off the boat (so to speak) from Hamburg, which of course makes her a Hamburgerin… Frau Carson.

We’re learning vocab, verbs, nouns, & proper nouns. Now, if the good frau will only teach us how to conjugate the verbs, I can get cracking on massacre-ing another language.

Here I go!

6 thoughts on “Verstehen sie Deutsch?

  1. Hooray :-)

    I’d like to hear some of your German language skills the next time you visit us ;)


  2. The Man took German in highschool. I don’t know what he learned, but I remember him teaching me a few dirty phrases. good stuff

  3. I enjoyed verb conjugation the most when I learned Spanish. I hope these German classes are fun for you guys.

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