It’s Friday & I’m rehearsing my routine…

Yesterday, a friend commented that they’d observed I have a lot of ‘routines.’ I had to ask what they meant, as I didn’t recall any song & dance performances I’d done lately (other than an impromptu DLR kick in the kitchen. And the Carlton. And the little thing I did when I won my fantasy football league… but nothing major.)

So it wasn’t THAT kind of routine they were talking about. Der. Its the routine that make life ‘feel’ normal, like things are going the way they are supposed to… that no matter how much change takes place, there are a few things, activities, habits… my things, activities, habits, that make life’s changes & curveballs… ok.

One of my favorites: Making coffee in the evening, so it will be ready in the morning.

    -Water in the water reservoir, as much as it will hold because somehow, some way, a little bit of water manages to disappear in the brewing process. Steamy.

    -Filter in the receptacle. Double-check to make sure its open & ready to receive the bean grindings.

    -Grind the beans for 15 seconds, silently counting in my head. Lips might be moving too. Stop grinding. Hit it again for 1,2,3.

    -Whack the grinder on the right hand side 3 times to shake loose any stuck grounds, & then gently tap the grinder contents into the waiting filter. Whack the grinder again, just to make sure.

    -Smell the aroma of freshly ground beans. Hmmm.

    -Press the timer. Ahh.