Monday musings on a Thursday in Reno…

Got home last night about 9… the last leg of the trip, even though it was only a 2 hour flight from Denver, was the most challenging. I think its because I just wanted it to be OVER already.

Some things that I’m pondering this morning in my partially convoluted (but never deluded) state are:

    -Coffee at home in my own kitchen sure tastes good.
    -Sitting on the couch last night with theBean with a good Cabernet made it seem like I’d never left at all. Funny.
    -My bum is killing me from all the sitting of the last 2 weeks. Wonder how bad it would have been if we hadn’t walked 10k/day? Feels like a big old bruise. Probably TMI…
    -Words are eluding me this morning as I try to express my self. Or to ask someone to pass the … what is that word again? I’m not thinking in German, I’m replacing the ‘right’ word with a completely wrong one – like “sofa” for “cup.” Ahh.
    -The sky is blue. I missed that about Reno. Frankfurt was grey & rainy for 99% of the time. Not that I minded.
    -Thursday night NFL games are here. I’m smiling on the inside. Back just in time.
    -I wonder if I’m more nervous for Pasty’s Zone championship game tomorrow night than he is?
    -I’m craving a big juicy steak, covered in butter.
    -Today I get to see theWeez hoop it up at SHHHHWWOPE. Can’t wait.

Going to try to sneak a work out in, then it’s time to start my Monday. On Thursday. Here I come. Watch out!