monday afternoon musings…

Watched Pasty’s football team last Friday – he played a phenomenal game, & was all over the field on defense. His team lost, mostly due to experiencing some bad breaks with turnovers, a couple fluke bounces, & then… some of the players ‘quit’- just stopped trying hard. Looked like they just went into shock & stopped playing to the caliber that they are capable of. It was frustrating to watch, but even more for the Pasty who gives the proverbial 110% on every play & has never even thought the word “quit.”

It made me wonder about other situations in life where people have gone through difficulty, adversity, hard stuff & have “quit.” Like the quitting or removing themselves from the ‘game’ was the answer. Made a mental note or 10 to persevere.

Pasty turns 18 on Wednesday. Unbelievable. What a great lesson in how fast life goes.

With school starting & students all around me, I am feeling the pull to grad school stronger than ever. Not now. Not now. Maybe later.

Gym time is becoming harder & harder to carve out. Days are full & so are the evenings… my gym is ok (esp. treadmill #5,) but its 6 miles away, & its becoming more & more difficult to get to it. I’ve heard some rumblings about a gym on Disc & Vista…

Just finished reading this book. Really enjoyed it, & think you might too…

TheBean’s new work schedule is awesome. Tuesday & Wednesday doubles, Thursday day, some Saturdays. Off Monday, Friday, & Sunday. Which means a day off together. Lucky me.

In case you didn’t notice, the NFL season has begun. And none too soon.

I’m dreaming a lot more (or at least remembering them). Interesting stuff. And I don’t think its the pizza, cause I’m not eating any. Maybe I’ll write one up.

Had another reminder that words mean things. And how certain words are ‘buzzwords’ that provoke a strong response. And that coming up with a common definition may be the most helpful thing in a marriage, let alone a relationship. Goodness.

Double the fun – 2x the MNF tonight. Sa-weet!

BTW: the Over/Under for total fantasy football teams for me was 10. I came in JUST under. Thanks for playing.