the 1st day of school, & other monday morning musings…

Today is the first day of school for all 3 kids – Pasty is starting his senior year. IDoey is a freshman. TheWeez is off to 7th grade & Middle-School. Preparation for the day included everybody in bed, willingly & of their own accord, by 10 p.m. Lunches packed. Clothes washed, pressed & laid out. 3 mostly self-sufficient humans getting themselves together… nice.

And then this a.m., everyone up no later than 6. No real rushing – just the familiar sounds of Pasty downstairs with Mike & Mike, Weezer’s hair dryer, & IDoey’s humming. The inexplicable & matchingly liberal application of Axe Body Spray or Ralph...

The funny part is that we all ended up at the counter in the kitchen… with theBean, (starting her week off with a Day Off of Work,) willingly making breakfast ala “short-order-made-to-order..” What a site to see.

Then I realized that it was time for the kids to head out… & I flashed back across the 13 years of First Day of School that we’ve done.

Pasty’s first day of pre-K at Seeliger with his little siblings jealous of his chance to get out of the house & go to PLAY.

Our first day of school upon our move to Sparks – mid-year of all times… Pasty was a good sport through a tough situation.

IDoey’s first day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Martin.

The day that all 3 kids finally went to school together.

Pasty’s move to Jr High, then High School. Then IDoey’s.

And now Weez is out of elementary & into the world of 12 going on 25…

I wanted to get them to pose for a picture, but I couldn’t find the words. They were stuck in my throat behind a big lump. My eyes were swimming & I found that all I could really do was sit & look at them in their morning routine.

Coffee helped compose me, & I finally eeked the words out – & asked the 3 kids to pose by the stairs. Without a word of complaint, they did, & went into the familiar routine of goofy silliness that characterizes & lets steam off of such moments. Let me take several pictures even.

And then off.


3 thoughts on “the 1st day of school, & other monday morning musings…

  1. sigh. why is everyone trying to make me cry with back to school posts? rude.
    Hope it was a good day off for your woman, and a good school/work day for the rest of you.

  2. wow. that's about all i can say. wow.
    well, maybe i could say more… i usually do.
    ya know, i remember those seeliger days. life seemed so much simplier then.
    i remember going to pick johnny up one day in joni's van :) brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

  3. you need to get johnny into dan patrick. after a few weeks of having him back i found myself wondering how i ever listened to mike and mike or cowherd except during commercials of better shows.

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