coffee in the afternoon, & other musings…

Maybe its a coping mechanism, but when I am noticed that certain days I crave coffee in the late afternoon. Its not the need for caffeine, because the decaf will do… its the smell of the brewing process, the taste of the 1st sip, the reassuring heat emanating from the ceramic cup. Sigh.

Took a spill last night in our softball teams’ victory… lunging for a ball hit just beyond my reach, I landed on my left shoulder. Thought it came out of the socket… had brother PULL on the wrist to see if there was any give… nope. Just a jammed shoulder. Its ache-ey today. I will have to apply the Bio-Freeze.

I was taken off guard today by Baby Zoe. She was sitting in her little bouncy chair, as she usually is, but this time she had her eyes open. And she was looking at me. And when she noticed I was looking at me, she smiled & yelled for me, “Tay-tay, I want you to pick me up & play with me.” (That last part about the yelling I’m PRETTY sure happened. Though no one else seems to have heard her do it… I did.)

The more time that passes, the more I am convinced that 3 of the really great Sci-Fi shows of all time were:

  • Stargate SG-1
  • Farscape
  • Star Trek: TNG
  • Others, like BSG, Star Trek, & even the other Star Trek off-shoots are good. Still, I can put in a DVD of one of my personal big 3 & watch it over & over.

    That might say more about me & my longing for the old than it does about the new stuff. But I could be wrong.

    Off to soccer with theWeez. Lucky us. We have a 6:15 p.m. game tonight instead of the 7:45 game that ends at 9:15. Sweet.

    4 thoughts on “coffee in the afternoon, & other musings…

    1. i too like coffee in the afternoon. nothing like brewing a pot after class, for shizzle.

      i would put "invasion" and "firefly" at the top of the sci-fi shows list. unfortunately they only managed about 30 combined episodes, but what a 30 episodes they were.

    2. I agree that firefly was awesome. Invasion wasn't bad either. Two examples of tv shows taken off WAY too early. Add, The Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles to that list. Lame.

    3. I crave coffee when I need to relax… I know that's the opposite of most people, but the warmth makes me sleepy.

      Soccer games at 7:45 on a week night? That's crazy… :)

    4. mmm coffee. I like it at all times of the day and never iced. I feel that is the mark of a real coffee drinker.

      ouch your shoulder. but oooh biofreeze. I heart biofreeze. I want to have shirts made up that say that. MIKE wants to have shirts made up that say, "BS Detector." oh yes, I called him the second church was over and shared that special nugget.

      and YAY baby Zoe. She likes me, as long as Trista is far away.

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