rain down…

I was talking to the kids yesterday during our most recent downpour… just soaking in (literally) the smell of the rain, which is one of my favorite smells in the whole world (next to the purple meets cotton candy fragrance that theBean wears.) One of them said, “Dad, all this rain isn’t NORMAL, is it?”

Thought about it for a minute & answered: “Nope. But I’m not complaining. Let’s enjoy it while its here…” And we are.

Made it to & through Convention/Connection unscathed. Convicted. Challenged. Loved by friends & fam. Blessed with a surprise trip to Disneyland, my favorite place to go ever (right next to minor-league baseball parks…) But unscathed. Maybe a little larger in the soul. I’m believing for it.

Just passed the time of year when I’d normally be in Frankfurt for my Spring visit to our sister church – this year’s visit will have to wait until November. I’m missing friends.

Don’t know if its all the sitting last week that aggravated a stiff back, or something else… but I’ve been having intermittent back spasms up & down since last Friday. No buono… Which is why I go see Dr. G, & then things feel better. Less twisty, that’s for sure.

I don’t have a map. Or a blueprint. Lost them a few years ago, back in the days when I was a lot smarter than I am now, & knew what I was going to do & how I was going to do it. Got reminded of that last week.

By the way… don’t tell my 3 kids – It only looks like I’m winging this whole “dad” thing because… I am.

Jesus! Help me!

In the next few days, I’ll be painting over a mural that has got painted in my office in April 2000. Its time for change. I’m thinking a Tolkien theme. Or at least, I am going to hang my now homeless (room-less?) LOTR posters… because they can’t stay where they are now. Sorry Frodo. Sam. Strider. But now you get to be with me in my office.

Either my feet are growing, or my shoes are shrinking.

I ate at The Cheesecake Factory 4 times while in Anaheim. Man, I can get used to that place, esp. the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. I dreamt about it last night. Truly.

On that note, I heard a rumor that the Reno/Sparks area (Scheels) will get one of those if the shops in the area can boost their annual sales to Cheesecake Factory standards. Oh please, oh please.

Reading through my Complete Jewish Bible, musing through Mishlei/Proverbs, pondering 17:17

A friend shows his friendship at all times – it is for adversity that {such} a brother is born.

The longer I live, the more I realize my need for friends – real friends who will stick with me, through thick & thin, in spite of my issues, who love me enough to tell me the truth & not just blow smoke…

2 thoughts on “rain down…

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts…thanks for the insight into your soul (I wish I could remember the #…I'm sure you do my Lou)

  2. i think the ccf deal at legends is done. they were supposed to open last winter, but sales weren't good enough. i don't know if they are still eyeing it if things improve, i just know that legends missed their deadline already.

    that being said, i was none to impressed with the food at the cheesecake factory. beer and cheesecake was good, but the dinner left a bit to be desired. It kind of reminds me of chili's with better dessert . . . maybe that's just me.

    and i like the rain also. getting caught in it. and pina coladas.

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