This afternoon theWeez & I are headed to Anaheim for our denominations convention – its an all week-er. My preparations for the trip have involved not only the usual packing issues like: “how small of a suitcase can I get away with packing in?” & “do I really need that many shirts?” but have also involved more introspection & self-examination than even I’m used to.

Sometimes people bug me – situations bug me – church people who can & do only talk about church bug me… going to convention provides opportunity to spend ample time doing all 3 of those things… & I want to have as little time around the source & cause of my supposed issues as possible.

And then in the middle of my 2nd pot of coffee, I realize that I need love…to freely give it the way I’ve received it. To see people as God sees them, not through jaded & selfish eyes. Not in the Bud-Light “I love you man” way either – but to love, authentically, consistently, & without measure.

So that’s my prayer for today – LORD, fill me with your love. New eyes. Not focused just on me.

5 thoughts on “love

  1. Amen Louie . . . I need that too and in a big Hosea kind of way . . .

  2. I will be praying for you on your trip. I’ve been feeling the same in a different way about my work lately. Maybe a pedicure would help?:)

  3. …that was my prayer too….to know His love & be able to live it out with those around me.

  4. yes, Louie (not Louise) get a pedicure. Also, your name is Pastor. Don’t forget it. You may get confused when you get there.

  5. YOU CAN DO IT!! you get the fill up from the best Love tank around so with that being said, YOU CAN DO IT!!
    Now you know just by saying this prayer like when you pray for patience…… some areas in this department might be really tested but THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

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