…it’s Friday again…

I’m on hold, waiting for someone at the I.R.Service to get to my call… evidently, they have some questions for me… or I have some ‘splainin to do. Over/under on the wait time? 15 minutes.

The Super Bowl has officially signaled the start of one of the more awkward times in the sports world – no football, baseball hasn’t started, & the only thing for the hard core sports fanatic to do is watch the NBA or a miscellaneous College basketball game… both of which for some reason I am unable/unwilling to get into. Sigh. Maybe March Madness will bring some heat. At least it gives more ‘free’ time to write.

In November, I was staying at Alex’s house & he had a great movie that he’d gotten for us to watch – kind of a “24” meets “Bond” starring Qui-Gon-Jinn... errr… Liam Neeson. It was great & I remember that it really was suspenseful & got my blood flowing pretty good. And that it was hard to sleep after. And that I wanted to make sure that I got acquainted with at least one really good ‘Preventer’. And that my daughter would always travel with one.

And then I find out that “Taken” is coming out in theatres in January… hmm. I saw it in November in Deutschland. Hmmm. Lucky me.

Tonight, brother, Tom, & I are going to see it on the big screen. Nice. With popcorn to boot.

The I.R.Service call had me waiting for 22 minutes. Ohhhh. And I had no answers. And neither did they. Other than please call back in two weeks.


TheBean is off to work, & all I can think about is going running. I even had a dream about it last night. Weird. And it was positive even.

On that note, I also had a dream about eating McD’s Double Cheeseburgers with the bun. And the Carl’s Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger – with lots of BBQ sauce & bun. Normally I pull the bun off & just eat the insides of the burgers. Turns out that my way of eating is invading my dreamland. Hmmm.

Are we surprised that professional athletes ‘may have taken’ some form of pharmaceutical & biological enhancement to make their performance on their field of play better? Not really. I can remember suffering through shoulder rehab & ACL rehab… & if someone had offered me ‘platelet therapy’ or HGH to speed the healing & ‘help out the body’, I’d have seriously considered it. Pain hurts, & I didn’t even have millions on the line.

Interesting that we get Bonds. McGwire. Clemens. Palmeiro. Scapegoats for an entire generation of athletes. Make’s Ken Caminiti’s statements about 50% of players being on the juice seem a little… closer to reality than anyone wanted to admit at the time.

Time to stretch. Time to run.

6 thoughts on “…it’s Friday again…

  1. I suppose it’s unrealistic to believe that at some point, Bonds will finally admit to using enhancements even after undisputable evidence is presented

  2. I hope you had a good run… I am now addicted to running, after not running in 7 or 8 years, I am back at it.

  3. …& I wonder how many other guys are hiding in the shadows, hoping their own attempts at performance enhancement never come to light… w/o even touching the rampant methamphetamine use that has largely been ignored for generations…

    & I used to ask, how can a guy get ready to play 162 games in a year, often back to back, day game following a night game…? Only to find out that the clubhouses had coffee pots in them – with UNLEADED & LEADED signs on them… The LEADED ones had 'greenies' in them.

    Oh the humanity…

    And it was a great run. Only a little rain. I am so fast.

  4. Everybody knows that Reno is behind in movies… It is a sad fact of living in the “biggest little city”…
    As far as the dreams about burgers go– that is just kind of weird and disturbing. Then again, I guess it’s not too bad, as long as you aren’t doing anything violent in the dreams to get said burgers.

  5. taken was released to our nation at the same time – january 30th. it’s more about our country than our city . . . but i digress.

    obviously you missed out on the fact that professional basketball is the best sport around – and you oddly forgot to mention that hockey season is in full swing. it’s time to expand your horizons past the sports that require fat guys to wear very tight pants.

  6. Turns out Alex downloaded Taken from a place that specializes in ‘pre-release new releases…’ :)

    NBA is the best sport? Sweet. I must have missed that. No, I know I definitely missed it, apart from the random, Celtics/Lakers game. And the NHL? Is that still around? I don’t have access to any TV channels where hockey is played. And its a pity – I grew up watching Reno’s semipro team… the Reno Aces…

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