a little help?

I’d like to ask a favor of you – reader of this blog, the readers that I know, the blog-lurkers that I don’t… even the random person that stumbled across this page in a chance Google search or ‘go to next blog’ moment.

I’m doing some studying for some writing & a speech or two, & would like to utilize your vast life experience to help myself out…

When you hear/think of the words “REPENT” & “REPENTANCE”, what comes to your mind? What do you think of? It might be:

  • An image
  • thought
  • concept
  • idea
  • even a specific memory
  • Thanks in advance for your input.

    7 thoughts on “a little help?

    1. 2 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys….
      Then I remember I’m not Catholic anymore:) And I can’t earn my way back into God’s graces.

    2. Two pictures . . .

      REPENT = A bushy-faced whack job holding a sign and getting in my face.

      REPENTENCE – Me being sorry enough to not do it anymore. Frustrating, because I often can’t seem to keep myself from “doing it anymore.”

    3. making a decision not to go the old way and starting to change myself (after trying it myself, I realize that I can’t do it myself alone :-) )

    4. Feeling bad for what I did and knowing that things need to change (inside of me) so I don’t go around the same circle

    5. i think of forced apologies, e.g. “tell your brother you’re sorry”. i was rarely sorry, especially when it involved my brother.

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