Friday musings…

Went to a Thai restaurant today for lunch – with Werner & brother. A 5-star Orange Chicken – with the 5-star referring, supposedly, to the level of ‘heat’ that the chicken would bring to me. When I was eating it, I was wondering where on the scoey-scale this 5-star would show up, esp. when Werner told me that the cabbage style soup we started with, & seasoned with our very own jar o’spices, would only rank at most as a 3 star… I was worried, because that 3-star soup made me sweat & chug my way through a couple glasses of ice-water. Alas & alack… the 5-star was no big deal, ranking about the same as the ‘mild’ wings at Bully’s – Pyramid Way… Not that I’m complaining – it had great flavor – I just didn’t want to be ‘revisited by the heat of the flame’ later on in the day. Seems that I’m a bit more…. shall I say, sensitive to hot & spiciness than I was in the days of my ute.

Following through on the ground-ation of one’s progeny requires a LOT of work. And perseverance. Sigh.

A day off is to be savored. Enjoyed. For the sake of being off. For the joy of life. And I’m finding that I have to contend for that more & more as the weeks pass.

As a part of the savoring of the day, theBean & I are going on a date – a group date to bowl. Not that we’re Bowlers by any stretch of the imagination, but OCD & a little patience go a long way in knocking the pins over. And repeat.

For relaxation, I don’t think that I’ve found a better combo than Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. And for focusing the mind.

On that note, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is hard to beat for sheer inspiration… I dare you to listen to it & not be jumping up & down as it reaches the final 90 seconds or so. Man.

Sometimes, just listening to certain music brings tears to my ears. Part of it is that these days, I cry without much provocation, & without agitation – I think its probably just the beauty, the joy, & sadness… or a combo of that & more that moves me. Which makes me glad that Den reminded me of the genius that is Eric Johnson – I wore out my copy of Ah Via Musicom back in the day – rewinding “Cliffs of Dover” over & over… Thanks for that.

Another thing are the memories attached to the music – where I was when I heard the music the first time, who I listened to it with, the experiences tied up into it.

Maybe that’s why the Psalms as a songbook, & especially the “Songs of Ascent” (Psalm 120-134, sung by pilgrims ‘going up’ to Jerusalem) are so powerful.

Which gets me reminiscing… about other music stuff that moves me. Here’s a couple…

  • Just about any thing by Rich Mullins – especially from the “Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth” album – especially the song, “If I Stand,” which sure feels like a metaphor for my life. You can watch a series of YouTube clips taken from a concert he did starting HERE
  • You are My Joy – David Crowder. The musical interlude in the middle… man. One day, I want to play & sing this with a team.
  • Gomer’s Theme – Third Day – the story of Hosea, put to music. It breaks my heart to think of Hosea, told to live as an example of God’s heart for His people. And to do so by marrying Gomer, a prostitute, a woman who would cheat on him, lie to him, abandon him… only so that Hosea could go & love her again.
  • Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol. Makes me want to shake it.
  • The Finish Line, Jesus is For Losers, & Harder to Believe Than Not To – Steve Taylor
  • When I’m 64 – The Beatles. Reminds me of my brother, Moe. Nuff said.
  • Sigh.

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    1. You aren’t bowlers? Really? Hmmm… You looked pretty profesh tonight, especially when you beat me:)

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