Yet more reminders that life is beautiful…

Heard the news from Sister, & have been watching the news & reading the occasional PB Article, wondering if & when I would hear the ‘bad news’ that my snack of choice, Skippy Extra Chunky Peanut Butter was on the roll-call of salmonella laced products. Alas, nothing yet.

And so, today, I celebrate with a spoon, a jumbo jar of Skippy, a plethora of Hershey’s semi-sweets, & a fresh-pressed cup of java. Ahh. Life is beautiful.

And if that wasn’t enough to bring me joy… all I have to do is walk into my office, & more often than not, meine Nichte, Ellie, is usually around to bring joy, a steady stream of yet unintelligible words, & a unstoppable quest for nanananana… here she is sitting at my desk reading my Bible… Ahh. Again….life is beautiful…

Last Saturday was the Memorial service for Francisco Aranda. I spent the majority of the time at the memorial cracking up over memories… discussions, my attempts to practice Spanish, stories about pre-Disneyland Anaheim, & my favorite, Francisco’s very practical take on theology… I’m truly happy that we have a hope past just what this life offers, as well as the promise that we’ll see each other again. His family has put together a memorial website & online guestbook – check it out HERE.

3 thoughts on “Yet more reminders that life is beautiful…

  1. I miss my days of consuming 5 pounds of peanut butter a month. Skippy, you are my friend & I will ever cherish the days we had together.
    Ellie is great. She likes nananana. The funeral was mostly good. It was weird to see lots of people from the "olden" days.

  2. i see the gods aren’t angry on that desk. i’ve yet to watch it, but i am going to try to this weekend. and peanut butter rocks my world as well. –k.lib

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