a fleeting reflection

Disneyland is one of my favorite places in the world – when I get old, really old, & retire, I want to get a season pass so that I can go to Disneyland whenever I feel like it, which would probably be monthly, for at least a few days at a time. Especially during the Christmas holidays.

I was thinking about why I feel the way I do about Disneyland, & I believe it has to do with what it represents to me. When our family went on vacations when I was but a wee lad, it was to Disneyland. And this was back in the day when you had to pay an entrance fee, then had to buy tickets in order to get onto the rides, A-E, with “E” tickets being the really cool rides, like the Matterhorn & later on, Space Mountain, & the “A” tickets being the waste of time rides, like “Small World.”

Disneyland meant Mickey Mouse pancakes, at the River Belle, which tasted so much better than any other pancakes because they had ears. It meant “Pirates of the Caribbean” 10 times. It meant ice-cream at day’s end. It meant buying one of those “Lollipop Guild” lollies that you know you’re never, ever going to be able to finish. It meant getting so tired that I couldn’t even keep eyes open, no matter how hard I tried. It meant dragging myself out of the park, 1 hour after closing, trying to make it all the way to the hotel across the street from the park. It meant family, all together – the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the fighting with siblings, the sheer joy of the shared experience.

My kids currently don’t appreciate Disneyland in the same way (or at the same level of fervor,) that I do, but I’m betting that will change as time goes by… if not for the sake of Disney as the king of all commercial opportunities, but for the time that it means is spent together. It might seem like a waste of time, resources, money, & all kinds of other prudent sounding things, but I think going to Disneyland is worth it. And maybe we’ll go around Christmas again.

It could happen…

8 thoughts on “a fleeting reflection

  1. ahh yes, disneyland. when i was a kid we went every summer for a while there just because my dad’s parents lived in whittier and i thought that was what every kid did every summer. it wasn’t til mo came along and he as a 21 year old man had never been to d-land that i realized how lucky i was as a kid.
    anyway for our family it’s been great that i got to be the one to experience that with him for the first time and i would bet that your kids still love it but just can’t show as much excitement in this phase in life where you have to maintain a certain amount of the “coolness factor” when dealing with any kind of “kid” thing.
    i am with ya on dreaming about being there too. great idea for a christmas gift to the whole family.

  2. I’ve been to Disneyland a few times, mainly with family. Jami really wants to go there because the only time she has been is with friends as a kid. Disneyland is something special with family. I can’t we can enjoy things like that with Hailey.

  3. Growing up in southern California, we had a yearly tradition of going to Disney on xmas eve. we did this every year from the year I was born until we moved back east when I was a teenager. I love disneyland and especially around xmas for this reason, mostly the memories:)
    Jay, dislikes Disney for the same reason… memories. His parents brought him to Disneyland when they got divorced. Their last family vacation. From there his mom left and moved out of the country.
    So, I have been begging him for years to bring the girls and make some HAPPY memories of our own:)

  4. Disneyland and I do not get along because of the desire to flip out when I’m in too big of a crowd. Large crowds, especially indoor crowds (think Walmart, Costco) put me on edge and almost make me feel sick. Disneyland is one of the only outdoor places I’ve ever been that has a crowd big enough to do this to me. I prefer Knott’s Berry Farm– more open space, more room to move– great family memories at Knott’s Berry Farm… :) I know, it’s too bad because I’d probably like it if it wasn’t for the crowd…

  5. Baby todd wants to go again. She said it was ok last time but thinks it will be much better this year. I have my doubts, a one year old at Disneyland sounds like it could be painful.

  6. no..el – Its easy to take it for granted… esp. with the positive memories.

    mr h – to go with jami & hh would be incredible – it also might be fun to go with another friend or couple, so that you can tag team the baby – do the FastPass on rides (people with kids get to go to/near the front of the line after their party goes on the ride. Very fun. We took turns last year holding Ellie B while everyone else went on the ride, then 2 or 3 of us would "FastPass" to the front.)

    laura – some theo would be helpful here :) it was for me. and a positive trip to Disneyland with the Carmona girls, making it a place where the 4 of you live life large; adding new memories.

    jeni – a key is to avoid going during the summer or during vacations. otherwise, I'd be in the same boat you are. I pull my kids out of school & we go when all the other suckers are slaving away. Gotta love me. And happy birthday to you :)

    Brother – of course she does, because she knows how awesome I am, & she wants to hang out with me instead of getting stuck in the stroller all the time. Lame.

  7. I share the love of the Happiest Place on Earth! Pirates of the Caribbean & The Haunted House were my favorites. I always got a Mickey Mouse hat with my name on it. I agree that my kids don't understand what the deal is. Of course, back in the day the only time you could watch a Walt Disney movie was when it came out in the movie theaters. I think it made the characters and the experience that much more special. I think the fam may just need to plan a trip to Disneyland soon. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

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