Musings on a Wednesday… (oder Mittwoch fur die Deutsche…)

I started this post last night (hence the title,) but was interrupted by a set of friends in a most pleasant way – I continue…

  • Having wireless internet beats regular internet, which beats the heck out of no internet. But, the almost 2 & a half weeks where we were sans any ‘net, it was ok. We survived. Surprise, surprise. Strike 1 point for Sabbath lessons.
  • Pasty turns 16 on Sunday – very nice. He’s quite the enigma. Brings a tear to my eye. Just one…
  • Lots of stuff in life hurts… broken relationships probably the most. Close behind: Consequences for dicey choices… Lying to yourself, then discovering it… Being lied to. Getting dragged through the muck… et al
  • Everybody’s got a bias.
  • It’s possible to use God (religious words, cliches, practices, behaviors) to avoid God (real relationship, authenticity, truthfulness, transformation, everything laid bare…). I think it happens a lot more than we think.
  • Watching big kids play football is more entertaining than watching the same kids 10 years ago.
  • It’s tough to embrace our limits.
  • Opie is in Kansas. That is cause for a road trip. Or, better yet, a plane trip.
  • Normal isn’t real. We’re different, & any one who says different is selling something. Probably a Christian telemarketer.
  • I’ve been trying to figure out why we use grape juice in communion instead of wine (or at least having the option of wine.) So far, the research I’ve done has provided nothing but unsatisfactory answers… Why grape juice? Can somebody offer up an answer? (And please avoid the, “because of the abuse of alcohol, total abstinence is the answer.” I don’t buy it. Or the “causing someone to stumble.” That seems to be a favorite one – except, I’ve never & have never seen another try to FORCE someone who thought drinking any alcohol was wrong to drink it against their will. Most or all(?) of the complaints seem to be from people that are offended by another having a drink…
  • Frankfurt is on the other side of the world, but I see some of the people I know from there more often than I see people in my own city.
  • We have way too much fun in the office.
  • My closet isn’t unpacked yet. And my clothes are disorganized. I don’t think that I’ll last through tomorrow before I binge on organization.
  • TV tomorrow. God-willing. In time for Football on Saturday & Sunday.
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    1. grape juice: we are impatient. Can’t wait for that last step of fermenting lol. Must run; my son is dismantling my printer.

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