I saw this Headline News interview called YOGA & the Christian. Its about 7 minutes long, very worth watching.

I was very intrigued by the dialogue between MacArthur & Pagitt, esp. when MacArthur challenges Pagitt’s statements about “wholeness.”

Not sure if it is a generational issue, a world-view issue, or a combo of both. Or?

4 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. Nothing I enjoy more than going to the market and picking out a nice juicy steak that has been sacrificed to an idol . . . just shoo the demons off, soak it in your favorite Worchestershire based marinade, slap it on the grill until it quits spitting blood, and chow down . . .

    But I digress . . . once again old school religiousity wants to take a matter of personal conscience and turn it into a black & white issue.

    What bothers me the most is the world view that most of them there Christians is just too dumb to hear from God on these there issues . . . Come to Grace Community Church, where we do the thinkin’ for ya’ . . .

  2. Sorry, I could only get through about half of that before that first dude started to irritate me. It is just simply put some stretches that are really great. We all know that since we ALL have tried Yoga, right ? :) If something as silly as that is going to shake your faith you have a pretty weak faith.

  3. TPT- Or,”just read more, pray more & that will take care of any issues that you continue to have.” & that what Pagitt said was labeled as “not being Christianity.”

    Noel- Thanks for trying – though the most telling part of the interchange, to me, is the last minute. MacArthur offers up a barrage of (seemingly) trite cliches about Christianity & what it is (vs. what it isn’t, which is what Pagitt describes.)

    I have been greatly challenged by some of what Pagitt has said & written in the past – though I love the desire & attempt to reach the whole person. The Christianity he describes is much more a lifestyle & lived out practice than the “ideology” that it seems MacArthur touts.

  4. Yeah, I’m with Noel, I can barely stand to watch this kind of stuff.

    I’m sure that the producer of this show will not lose Macarthur’s phone number anytime soon because he is just plain gold when they need someone to say something absolutely retarded about Christianity.

    Goes to show you that stereotypes come from truth, unfortunately.

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