Today, I’ve learned that in an earthquake, a jar of peaches is not as good as a can of peaches. Why, you might ask? Because a jar of peaches is made of a container of glass, which is breakable. Cans are made of a metal alloy, (tin?) which is more resistant to breakage. Too true, too true.

3 more days. 2 more labs. 1 test. I’m not counting test day as a class day, as the test will take no more than 30 minutes, no double counting.

4 thoughts on “peaches

  1. I know it’s not his real name, but so what . . .

    Minutiae that

  2. Blimely? plucky, i am going to have to have some words with you about this one.

    that is a fantastic bit of information. apparently even a year makes a difference in wilfred’s ability to stay on topic. hopefully that will be a test question.

  3. Dang, good catch, Diga . . . and the “R” for regurgitating is even better.

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