Did it to myself…

I’m taking two classes this summer – one in the Mini-term (Criminal Justice 433) & one in the first term. It was either go with the summer classes (which I’ve never done) & be done in about 7 weeks, or wait & take 2 classes in the Fall semester (August – December 2006) After discussing it with the fam & doing some searching of the dark recesses of my soul, I opted for the 7 weeks, knowing that packing a semester into 7 weeks is demanding. Boy howdy.

I switched my graduation date from December 2006 to 1 August, got my final two courses approved by the appropriate red-tape cutter, & dove in w/o a break from the Spring semester.

So, here I sit with my head spinning… Feel like I’m on the machine… Not to 50! There’s 4 days more of class #1, TYVM (thank you very much,) knowing far more than I ever wanted to about prisons & just how inaccurately they are depicted in movies, TV, THE media, etc. Why Criminal Justice? Needed an upper division elective from a non-Liberal Arts/Sciences College that would be offered during the mini-term…

First term I’ll be in a 4 credit Geology w/lab class – Its also a required course that I should have taken in 1987. Sue me. I hope to become something of a rock-hound. A rock-hound that stays inside most of the time & looks at rocks virtually. Cool.

Trying to continue with some semblance of life at the same time. Did it to myself… Drop dead date: 7/14.

9 thoughts on “Did it to myself…

  1. I always wished that ALL classes could be like the summer classes. It was always easier to focus on just ONE (or two) classes for five weeks than to divide myself between 4-5 classes over a 16 week period of time. I hope you enjoy your Geology class…

  2. do you have dr. firby for geology. really the easiest class ever except for the showing up for 4-5 hours on lab day part.

  3. YOU CANNOT DROP. It’s just geology. The toughest part will be actually attending. Just keep going; by minimizing your relaxation for 7 weeks, you’ll maximize relaxation for 16 weeks.

    Be a mensh.

  4. Encouragement Sco. You will be happy you took these come fall and no racing to register.

  5. Note: drop dead date 7/14… it is the date of my last undergraduate class at UNR

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