Speaking of Spokane – #2

More Highlights from the weekend in Spokane

  • Watching the dog whisperer for the first time. Not Moe & his German shepherds; the real dog whisperer (DW) who’s got a TV show where he teaches & trains peoples dogs (Kinda like a canine “Super-nanny”).

    The DW cracked me up with silly comments, all made with a lisp, about a particularly aggro-dog, like “Ooooo. He becames excited.” Actually, the best part was that all of us were sitting in my brother’s living room watching this – my brothers, Ope, Bender, & Whitey. All guys. All glued intently to DW & his lispy wisdom. I guess you had to be there. I was.

  • Flying Southwest, & watching my brother spread out his stuff in order to discourage people from sitting next to him on the flight. I loved it because he made it look completely random, yet each movement had been specifically calculated to repel humanity. Good times.
  • Eating an entire rack of ribs all by myself.
  • Visiting the Gonzaga gym – where the magic happens (by that I mean where the hoops team plays.) Very cool – very small, but very cool.
  • Seeing Spokies. Cowboy chic meets hippy-grunge meets 80s hair (TRANSLATION: Mullet central. Mullets galore.) Loved it. Uniquely Spokane, from what I’ve been told. I especially was glad to see the guys in the house behind the alley who were on their garage roof shooting a gun at something. Very nice. From a distance.
  • I believe a good time was had by all, especially me.

    11 thoughts on “Speaking of Spokane – #2

    1. i have a wedding picture w/louie sporting a mullet… pic goes to the highest bidder. :>0

    2. I don’t remember you ever having a mullet, especially at your wedding. I do remember that you wore pink and we ate pizza.

    3. the pic is from my wedding & lou’s mullet was thick & bushy like john stamos’.

    4. it’s weird that you had the same observations of spokies as i did. i was recently severely chastised by someone for taking the kids from spokane to reno with all the “hood rats” they have to currently endure. i have heard stupider things in my life. seriously

    5. i could imagine all of you guys glued to a show like that for the sole purpose of getting a good laugh.
      thanks for sharing more of the trip.

    6. i like i-cream (how i said it as a kid). i could bring it in on sun. or i could post it on my blog. thoughts?

    7. silence reveals the answer. sorry, no mullet viewing, gc. :>)

      p.s. i’ll show ya the next time you come over for dinner.

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