5th Grade Birthday Party Invite

I thought I’d share the following with you – one of my kids received it from a friend. When we get an invitation to something, it immediately goes up on the “party cabinet,” which serves as a visible reminder of the upcoming social calendar.

Yeah that’s right I’m having a birthday party
and you’re invited to it. I’m turning 11 and
having the coolest party ever. There will be
swimming {bring a bathing suit or swim in what
you have}, food drinks, games, and a lot more.
This will probably be the best 5th grade party
ever. So if you want to have the best time of
your life, then come to my party.

May 13th. Mark your calendars.

2 thoughts on “5th Grade Birthday Party Invite

  1. I wish swimming still equaled “the best time ever” for me. Now I just get claustrophobic if I dive too deep.

  2. this is very good material, reminds me of that youth speaker a while back from some U turn thing i am sure who said “don’t advertise your grp like ‘we are gonna blow your hair back’ and then when they get there all it is …. is well a whole lot a nothin.
    so will joey be attending the best b-day party ever.

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