Seen any Spokies?

I’m off bright & early in the a.m. to go to Spokane in order to be a part of the festivities that surround my brother’s graduation from Gonzaga Law School. Time has truly flown by, & the last 3 years seem to be only about 9 months in the scope of my fast-fading minds-eye. Still, Moe is done, & has passed his tests with flying colors. He even has a “clerk-ship” lined up with a judge in the Capitol City of Nevada. He & his family will be moving here in July-ish.

Now, don’t get the idea that I get to be Uncle Louie yet – their kids are 2 German shepherds named Mulder & Zotti – Mulder is a rare, white German shepherd, & has a personality to match from what I’ve heard. My other brother has two dogs too – Higgins & Carter, both of which are mini-pinschers. Which means that with my mini-Pastor Jack, there are a lot of dogs of German heritage hanging out in the backyards of the Locke boys… (I’ve heard that this factor makes Opie a little jumpy. Don’t worry: PJ loves you.)

Back from the digression: one of the things I am most looking forward to seeing in my first (& last) trip to Spokane is a hidden people group reportedly living in Spokane. These rare creatures resemble Arkies, Mizzou-ans, rednecks, hicks, & other such fans of the Dixie Chicks & Buck Owens Bakersfiel’ country music, from what I’ve been told. I’m hoping that Moe takes me to a place where the Spokies can be observed in their natural habitat.

If I’m lucky, I’ll post with any discoveries I make in the next 72 hours.

5 thoughts on “Seen any Spokies?

  1. last time to spokane? say it ain’t so! where else can you see a beautiful river running downtown, buy meth like you’re in cold springs, and have people take a dump on your driveway? nowhere, i’ll tell you that right now

  2. Wait… We have a river running downtown… And as you just said, you CAN buy meth in Cold Springs… And, well, need I say more?

  3. I just returned from Spokane and I feel like I got off of the set of “Deliverance.” If you think I need to put my “critical spirit in check,” save it; you don’t know the half of it.

  4. post more about this adventure, of course after your finals tomorrow.

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