I have 2 days of school left in the Spring semester, if you don’t count (which I don’t) the day (5/15) that I have to show up for Final Exams. All of my requirements for the semester have been completed & turned in, which makes attendance today (& Monday 5/8) seem like a really, really bad idea. Especially with the advent of summer.

If I don’t go, what do I miss?
Reviewing for the final in Law & Ethics, where our prof. is doing all he can to make it so that no one fails…

A few really, really awkward moments in my public speaking class…

Two great lectures on Ronald Reagan, the fall (& future rise?) of the Iron Curtain, & the Bush/Clinton/Bush presidencies.

Going through the hoops…

5 thoughts on “School

  1. You can do it! We need at least one more blog on comments from speech class . . .

  2. I totally understand…with summer on the rise all I can do is think about ways to do anything but work.

  3. i am struggling with finishing our last week of school, teaching it not “learning” it. i am quoting the word learning here because i agree you arent missing a thing.
    anyway. that sunshine is just so nice.

    why is there a handicapped man in a wheel chair next to the word verification box?

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