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I’ve been reading a great book by Eugene Peterson & Marva Dawn called, “The Unnecessary Pastor” – good stuff, talking about the very necessary, even pivotal role of a pastor within society. Here’s a quote from it that I’ve been pondering:

In the context of John 3:16 & 17…

How does it happen, that being made a pastor so often has the effect of pulling us out of this immense world, (that “God so loved…”) and putting us to work in a religious institution that carries on its business pretty much on its own terms and with its own agenda? From within the ordaining institution, it is easy to look out on the world that God loves and redesignate it as enemy, as competitor, as distraction.

We’re put to work on committees and projects that leave us with neither time nor energy for the world and diminishing interest in it.

My ponderings & interest in this emerge in a “trickle down” theory:

The pastoral attitude then trickles down into the priorities of the church that the pastor leads – a result, among others is a group of people that are busy with a business that has little to do with the very world that God so loves…

6 thoughts on “Busy business

  1. good stuff indeed. i have watched a lot of close ones deal with this. especially when they first became pastors. so gung ho and full of “new ideas.” then get sucked in. tired as a dog. It is the same with everyone else though. you have to rememeber to move where God moves you. just cause there is a ministry or something to lead doesnt mean he meant for you to be the leader. i think you and jo-knee are incredibly balanced in this area.
    i have seen other church leaders rearrange a bagel tray right after a volunteer put them out because that leader felt it wasnt a nice enough display to entice eaters. looking in from out here, this seems like an event you could cut out of your day to NOT take up so much time away from really being where God wants you. or, maybe she was called to bagels and i just didnt hear God talk to her.
    i think we are all called to the world as “pastors/disciples.” but the “You” to the world has the same responsibilities that we do, it just isnt as right in front of us because it isnt my j-o-b. plus you get a handy tax break and a lot more fake conversation cause people are scared you will strike them dead if they say the wrong thing. luuuckeeeee

  2. tax break? The IRS is still more-than-adequately sticking it to this man…

    I wonder what I’m doing wrong then.

  3. who knew being on church staff meant you got to go to so many meetings. so glad you are not a gung-ho meeting person. you rock louie and once again doing a great job just being you.

  4. you are too honest. you need the George-Dahir-stick-it-to-um-tax-program. thats where you make up kids and dont pay any taxes for 20 years. although, i must warn you, you may narrowly escape prison and it will only be because your ex-wife loves the Lord and vouched for you.

  5. LOL you are so true noel. my favorite meetings are about the meetings we just had… :/

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