Tiger Woods, world-renowned professional golfer, has come under fire for using “incredibly inflammatory, inappropriate, & terribly derogatory language” after a recent round of golf. Quite a bit of the fire has come from the U.K.

What did he say?

In referring to his poor performance in a round of golf, he said that he had “putted like a spaz.” The offensive word, in case you’re wondering, is “spaz.”

I was surprised by this, especially with all the words in common use in the UK that, if used here, would cause quite a stir. For example, while in Birmingham, England, over dinner in a public house, I was asked by someone if it was okay for them to “burn a fag or two?” I stared at them w/my best dumb look…

Translation: They wanted to smoke a cigarette or two. Try to use that one tomorrow & see if it is bothersome to anyone.

So, my brain wanders…Is this offensive to you? If so, why? If not, why not?

8 thoughts on “Spaz?

  1. spaz- doesn’t that mean hyper?? it is not offensive to me because if it doens’t mean hyper then i don’t know what it means and so therefore it wouldn’t be offensive.

  2. I think spaz comes from the word spastic. The online dictionary says that spastic means, “relating to, or characterized by spasms”.
    It also says: “Offensive Slang. Clumsy or inept.”
    I wouldn’t think it’s offensive to say it about yourself, but saying it about someone else could be.

  3. No offense taken here… In fact I frequently refer to MYSELF as a spaz, particularly when I forget to do something. My assistant manager also calls me a spaz. Perhaps tomorrow I shall have inform her that I just can’t put up with it anymore because this “incredibly inflammatory, inappropriate, & terribly derogatory language” is unacceptable at work. :)

  4. I putt like a spaz too, but that’s another story.

    He’s just lucky he didn’t refer to his fanny pack . . .

    I think spaz is only offensive if it is intended to be offensive. Used casually in jest towards oneself or one’s friends would be acceptable in my book.

  5. dude, that’s nothing-you’ve never golfed with my grandpa. Suffice to say he’s like playing golf with a sailor….but then, didn’t Jesus hang out with a bunch of fishermen? Me thinks they dropped the F-bomb at least once around Jesus in Arabic…I wonder what he did? Earl :)

  6. if i played golf, i would putt like a spaz. this from a country that tosses the nearly unmentionable (in the u.s.) c-word like it was nothing! crazy, this world is.

  7. my neighbor is an avid fag burner. we have been really trying to get her to cut back cause it is leading to health problems. takes a lot of prayer it does. ::fingers crossed::

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