Run, Forrest, run…

I have been running about 3-4 times/week in preparation for the May 2006 Reno marathon – I’ve actually come to grips with the physical demand for running the marathon. (Technically, its a race, but I will not be ‘racing’ but rather ‘running’ against myself – racing is what you do around the bases in baseball, not in a 26.2 mile marathon…) The 5 minutes run, 1 minute walk method has been revolutionary in turning me into a person that actually can get out & run for more than 2 miles at a time. Good stuff.

More demanding than the physical part of this has been the mental challenge of knowing that the weekly “long run” will require me to be on the run for 2 hours – & that is increasing. Its amazing to me to go through the battle each week as I prepare to go where no Louie has gone before…

I am finding parallels to my spiritual journey in this as well – its much easier for me to do something I’ve done before; in this case, run for 30 minutes; I have lots of prior experience with this sort of exercising, & really enjoy it. The long runs, however, are ‘no man’s land” for me – new territory that I get to try out my heretofor untested endurance to see if I’ve got what it takes to continue on long past my previous experiences. God is teaching me reliance on Him for my sustenance & stamina in my spiritual journey as well – to get beyond the things I’ve experienced before, & to truly have faith in Him, to trust that He will be my portion, my provider, the One on whom I can depend when I get beyond myself. Kinda fun, & scary at the same time.

Why the title? Well, the other day, when it was truly cold (15 or so) I was out for 45 minute run (I’m measuring my runs in time, not distance, which is the subject of another, future blog.) As I tore along at my snail’s pace, I heard a little guys voice, crying out. Yelling at me. “Run Forest. Run.” I ignored him… He continued, “Run, Forest. Hey moron! Forest Gump! Why are you running?”

I just smiled.

8 thoughts on “Run, Forrest, run…

  1. HA! That’s even better than the people who honked at me yesterday!

    I think it’s awesome that you’re going for the full marathon and that you can go out every week and run increasingly long periods of time… I don’t know how you do it… I’m having a hard enough time gearing up to run 2.5 miles… :o)

  2. I woulda loved hearing “run, forest, run” as thats from one of my favorite movies of all time…instead you got the honk and the bird when you ran with me

  3. i think that being flipped off is slightly less offensive than the drek served up to us in the “film” forrest gump. that is besides the point. i have run the last two days with my oldest (2 miles and 2.5 miles). it is amazing that i can actually run these distances like it’s no big deal and it is the first thing that mandi and i have done and enjoyed together in a long time

  4. …actually petie…I witnessed the bird, and, unless I’m very mistaken, it was flying in YOUR general direction, and not louie’s…

  5. once mo told me a story about when he got smacked upside the face with a full on apple from someone driving in the opposite direction.
    ouch!!! can you say ouch!!!

  6. all those people are jealous you guys are out there running and they aren’t…:)

  7. ::snort:: was he driving a snow plow truck a look a little like my husband? he is pretty much the only other person out lately in that weather. it IS one of his fav movies too.. i can see it happening

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