Taxes & stuff…

On Monday, I received a note from the IRS letting me know that I have a tax bill of about $117.22 – its our underpayment for 2005. This isn’t great news, as every $117.22 comes in handy around our house – still, I feel better having to ante up a little ($10/month?) than to grossly overpay my taxes throughout the year, & then get excited when the IRS “lets” me have my money back at the start of the next year…

On Tuesday, I received a check in the mail from the Doctor’s office where I had my knee surgery back in September 2000. Seems that 5+ years ago, I overpaid them for the surgery & rehab I went through – so they sent me a check for $131.50. I am not a math whiz (like Brintus) but I can see that $131.50 > $117.22

Cool stuff – I shared this story with the boys last night – Pasty Gangsta’s take: “This is further proof that Jesus loves you, dad.” Yes. Yes it is. Thank you for that.

5 thoughts on “Taxes & stuff…

  1. I love those kind of stories.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for a $14.28 loan, so this is really a double miracle. :-)

  2. that is awesome. sooo now you can get four boxes of girl scout cookies. back off tpluckety!

  3. God’s math is WAY better than our math – or new math – or whatever is the newest fad these days!!

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