Speech #1

My minor is Speech/Communications; because of this, I have to (get to?) take lots of public speaking classes, & also GIVE speeches as well. Right now, I’m sitting in my COM 213 awaiting the opportunity to give my first speech of the semester. The topic is an article that I’ve recently read; specifically my response to it. There’s only 3-4 minutes for me to talk, which is a lot less than I’m used to.

I don’t feel like being here. Sometimes it feels like I’m just putting in time; I get through by thinking about how this is just a small part of the school experience that I have been a part of for the last 20 years in pursuit of a college degree… otherwise, I might wig &/or never go to class. oh, its my turn.


9 thoughts on “Speech #1

  1. i’m sure you did well. steve often feels this way, some of the classes he has had take don’t have anything to do with his major/degree. seeing how the college system works shows me i would have to be very determined if i chose to go back to school. still considering, but probably not

  2. I could give you advice on how to graduate without actually going to class? My other students, Dave & AJ flunked my course & decided to go to class anyway.

  3. I found that Speech 213 was a wretched class because it was almost identical to Speech 113 except that we had to watch videotapes of ourselves. *Jeni cringes* I agree that the speeches were REALLY short… I lost points for talking too long, and I don’t even make long speeches on a regular basis…
    Oh well, hope your speech goes well!

  4. …you taking a speech class seems like cheating…kind of like Mr Rogers taking a couse in Childhood Education…

  5. I know what you mean by the feeling of cheating, esp. because I’ve done it so much that it seems like 2nd nature… Most of the 30 people in the class are in it to get over a fear of speaking in public, while I’m there because it’s required…

    It kinda makes up for the Core Humanities courses that I was saddled with last semester… almost.

  6. your article link didn’t work, but i saw from the url that it was about gretsky. how did talking about hockey go? it almost less important than baseball, and doesn’t even have nostalgia going for it. that’s a tough sell. how’s that working out for you?

  7. thanks for the encouragement Brint- it actually went very well & 87% of the class was enthralled with the fact that my speech didn’t go over the time limit…

    the article link is working now, or was as of 2/16 @ 8:55 a.m.

  8. do you usually speech over the time limit? guess who’s getting back into the bloging world??? All I need is a computer that works now…hopefully my hard drive will be bought soon.

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