Day One – LA – in the P.M.

10 January 2006

There were two sessions this afternoon – here’s what stood out to me – please forgive me if this is disjointed, as I’m typing it at 11 p.m. after a day that started out at 7 a.m. with that disclaimer out of the way, here we go:

Kim Dirmann co-pastors the Rock Anaheim Foursquare Church with her husband Jerry. They have both been friends of ours for 10+ years. She spoke on 1Samuel 16 – where David was anointed as king – before he killed Goliath, he was chosen by God to eventually assume the role of leadership over God’s people, Israel. Some things that stood out to me:

∑ DON’T BE A JUDGER – Don’t judge people by their outward appearance – Samuel initially did this with David’s brother, Eliab – instead, listen to the Holy Spirit & how He marks & identifies people.

∑ BE FULL OF FAITH – 1Samuel 17:26 – addresses the fear that the armies of Israel had because of Goliath, whereas David was not afraid. His reasoning: he, David, & the rest of the Israelites had a covenant with God (circumcision was the mark of it.) Goliath may have been 9’+, but he had no such covenant. We are to be lead by faith & God’s voice, not merely outward appearance/fear.

∑ JEALOUSY WILL KILL ME: As someone who is heading towards becoming an “older” generation, it’s important for me to be a Samuel & not a Saul when it comes to dealing with blessed, gifted, God-anointed younger individuals. My jealousy at someone else’s blessing can & will be a source of death for what God wants to do in & through me.

∑ I’M ON A MISSION FROM GOD – My job is to walk in the covenant relationship that I have with God – & to intentionally look for people in the “next generation” that I can encourage, shape, bless, etc.

Wayne Cordeiro kicked rear & took names – I love that he cut right to the heart of what it means to live for Christ & to be in ministry – & listed three non-negotiables for people that are wanting to do both.

1. HARD-WORK is required – in order for me to live for my King, I need to live a set apart disciplined life. Devote myself to developing God-given gifts & talents – don’t make light of a seemingly insignificant assignment, gift, or role, as wherever God has placed me is significant for me & to Him. Ecclesiastes 5:13; 1Timothy 4:12

2. HOME-WORK is most important – no ministry success will make up for neglecting my home – spouse, kids, etc. do not sacrifice the family on the altar of supposed “ministry success.” Love my wife as a glory & testimony to God, above all other relationships.

3. HEART-WORK – storing up treasures in heaven is my highest calling – this means focusing on things that will be in heaven: Jesus & people. Throw my heart into who I am, who I am becoming, & that is much more than what I do for a job. I have to get beyond INFORMATION, INSPIRATION, into INCARNATION – living out what God has done, is doing in me. To leave a legacy that is marked by God’s hand on my life.

What I liked best about Wayne Cordeiro’s message is that he didn’t focus on age or use the word “generation” which by the way has been so overused that I just might get nauseous if I hear it again. His words were practical, tested, & focused on the reality that we have a great calling on our lives that requires good choices & a lifetime of participation on our parts.

Lots of good stuff. I’m continuing to have great interactions with Moses. I’m thankful for the discussions we’re able to have, & for our ever-growing friendship. You may not know this because Moses, Noel, & family are familiar to us, but he (& Noel) are rare gems. I know this & am sharing it with you because I am continually reminded of it when I come to stuff like this where there are 700 or so youth pastors that are here that I get to interact with.

Thank You Jesus for Your blessings – keep our eyes & ears open to hear Your voice & Your Spirit’s leading. Thank You for Your peace, Your promises, & Your great love.

I’ll post again when I get the chance.

5 thoughts on “Day One – LA – in the P.M.

  1. …i love the word INCARNATION! We don’t talk enough about it…so true! God Bless You.

    Did you take your running shoes?

  2. wow, this sounds great. glad it wasn’t all a big push for what’s that program, ya know the one that’s everywhere, …..??

  3. oh yeah, almost forgot i like wayne’s point #2 homework!!
    both you and mo are good with doing your homework, sad that is not the norm.

  4. no running shoes. I’m so antsy to run I can barely sit still during the meetings…

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