Day One – LA

10 January 2006
We got into LA last night, & were famished so we hit the first steakhouse we found – Outback. I haven’t eaten that much red meat in months – my stomach was letting me know that it was not too happy with the gut bomb I sent it.

In spite of Ben’s worries, we navigated our way to the Super8 motel using our Mapquest directions – & it wasn’t a roach motel. Our wives would even approve of the cleanliness & spaciousness of the rooms – we could totally pack the 5 of us into one room & have plenty of space to share.

This a.m. we made our way to the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery; it only took about 30 minutes of getting lost, many U-Turns & other difficulties of LA traffic. Fortuneately, only Ben gave me crud for my not knowing where we were going.

Found a parking spot in front of Angelus Temple, & hope & pray that it doesn’t get towed. J Then, we stood in line for a while to get into the registration area. Boring. So, a division of labor was required – Moe & I walked to Starbucks to amp up our caffeine intake, & Ben & my dad stood in line to register.

We greeted Johannes & the other 7 Euros (national youth leaders from different countries…) that he brought with him to the conference – the rest of the a.m. has been spent saying hi to old friends, finishing my 5-shot Americano, & waiting to get started.

Worship today has been a “United Live” Hillsong Church-like group. About 7 singers in the front, lots of jumping around & dancing – several guitars (3 electrics & 2 acoustics, 1 bass, 1 keys, 1 drummer). No songs I’d ever heard before.

Speakers today were James Craft, Kim Dirmann, & Wayne Cordeiro – Kim & Wayne really were great – I’ll be posting the notes from both of their sessions this evening after we get to hear Jack Hayford.

I’ve just finished a tall stack of blueberry pancakes & am feeling a syrup-driven high/low coming on.

6 thoughts on “Day One – LA

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m glad your motel is nice and that there are plenty of ‘good eats’near by

    Tell Benny to lay off the driver. I think you are very kind to let him have a ride…and a free one at that!

    The first day of the pre-school was great! We debriefed over lunch at Mimi’s Cafe :) Stephanie, Noel and Jessica were great with the kids. They love what they’re doing and it shows.

    Kids…our kids know when the “king” is gone. They try stuff they wouldn’t normally try or do. Like one child telling the other to look down the barrel of his air soft gone and say “it” again. then walking away, lobbing into the air “you’re sleeping on the street tonight” Yep, they’re fighting over who will sleep on your side of the bed tonight Lou.

    Hope you’re having fun with your friends and making some new ones too!

  2. thanx for the update. much more detailed than “it was great” from the giant. did you need your pepper spray??

  3. So far its’ just us hanging out, though my friends Ryan & Christin Davis from Fresno ate lunch with us.
    Thanks for the heads up Den – will do a little dance just for you…

    No pepper spray yet – but we did walk Echo Park today, & also went 1/2 mile to our hotel. in the dark. with strangers all around.

    French toast for dinner tomorrow – bagels for breakfast again. Woohoo!

  4. oops. I was referring to the 5 members of my immediate family. Sorry for the confusion

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