Day Two – LA in the afternoon

There has been a lot of talk here about values – in the context of: “Our values determine what we say “Yes” to & also allows us to know what to say “No” to. Values are not something that we merely aspire to fulfill or would like to want to live out in some perfect world. Values are the “ground-level, lived out, this is what is so important to me” stuff that it thoroughly permeates every decision where I, right now, put my time, energy, & resources.

This is my one & only shot at this life – I don’t have multiple go-rounds to “get it right” – whether or not Christ returns in my lifetime, this is the final generation for me. How then do I live?

The “Desperation Band” led worship today – really enjoyed it, especially after a workshop they led on worship – those that went to it hoping to glean a gimmick or two from them would have been disappointed. These guys are the Sr High, College, & Saturday night worship leaders at New Life in Colorado Springs (Home to Ted Haggard.) They are all about – authentic, real worship, a life fueled by prayer & fasting, doing what they do with excellence, but keeping Jesus Christ & the cross front & center… I loved the analogy given by one of the guys: you can admire a beautiful abstract painting – but then you ask, “What is that picture of? What’s it saying?” Our worship of Christ shouldn’t be like that, beautiful, but abstract, but rather be firmly centered on Christ – clearly focusing on Him & the message of forgiveness, grace, love, & the cross. I’d encourage you to check out their music. Good guys.

The first session after the lunch hour was with Josh McDowell – talked about truth a lot. And his books. He’s got a new one coming out called – “DaVinci – A Quest for Truth”. He was a bit alarmist about the pending end of the world as we know it. Moses loved it.

Me & Moe went to an afternoon workshop with Jerry Cook – he emphasized a very similar message from when he spent time with us @ Hillside – Jesus loves us & wants to be our friend – &, He wants us to be friends with His friends. Simple. Straightforward. Great explanation of what God wants His people to be & do.

Tonight there’s a Desperation Band concert, & also a session with Ron Luce of Teen Mania – I’m hoping it won’t be another “the sky is falling & Christianity is going down the toilet” session – things are bad, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever. He says to love Him, & love people & follow what the Holy Spirit tells us to do daily. And we win.

7 thoughts on “Day Two – LA in the afternoon

  1. sounds like fun. tell johannes i can’t wait to see him. i’m working on my primal scream for him. liked your last post about the rare gems that work with our youth. you guys are great.

    forget your running shoes, what about your b-ball shoes. get ’em laced up, it’s almost time. there are supposed to be pick-up games at my place of employment for anyone of the male persuasion interested in balling at 6:15 am tuesday and friday. now you know where to find me.

    i vote for johnny sleeping in the street until he gets that algebra grade up.

  2. good stuff…. I’m glad there is stuff to glean along with the stuff to chuck. Who are the other youth guys you have seen?

  3. Pick up games? When I play ball, teh only pick up going on is when the other team has to pick themselves up off the floor (not because I’m bad, but because I’m truly bad at b-ball). Great posts Louie, sounds like you youth dudes are having fun-make sure you feed Johannes a Tommy burger while you’re in LA; if you don’t know about it, ask around, but beware of the fakers. Only a real Tommy will do. I especially liked being able to read between the lines on some of the worship & teaching stuff….I can almost picture it. On a positive note, sounds like it’s been real-where’s the Desperation band from?

  4. Rescue is one of the greatest songs to come out in a while. Desperation must have been great.

    You are the source of the life
    I can’t be left behind
    No one else will do
    I will take hold of you

    I need You Jesus
    To come to my rescue
    Where else can I go
    There’s no other name by
    Which I am saved
    Capture me with grace
    I will follow you

    This world has nothing for me
    I will follow You
    This world has nothing for me
    I will follow You

  5. desperation band is from Colorado Springs – 1st church where Ted Haggard is the pastor… great guys with straightforward message & humility

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