A Little Clarification

In the previous post “How To Make Church Exciting” I solicited (& received) input… I wanted to clarify “exciting” – some used the word “enjoyable” – I’m cool with that too.

Its a crock, an absolute travesty that church should be boring & irrelevant to the lives of the individuals seeking relationship with Christ, regardless of their previous (non-existent) church experience. I think that the very idea “church doesn’t exist for you to enjoy it,” comes as a pitiful excuse to explain all the “suck-for-Jesus” attitudes & approaches brought to the church table, as though to structure the church meetings, interactions, & community time in such a way as to draw near to God & still be relevant & comprehensible to the non-initiated is “compromise” or watering down the gospel. Please. Its just an attempt to cover our suck-age with enough excuses to placate the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit that calls us to something deeper than the repetitive, disengaged, religious approach to God.

To me, church should be exciting – we should enjoy it, not because it’s a Vegas extravaganza, or because the only stuff that happens is based on personal preference. Its because when we get together, there should be life – the kind of life that comes from a real, connected relationship with Christ & with each other. The kind of life that Peter the bold/timid/loud/quiet disciple proclaimed came from Christ (Gospel O’ John 6:68,69)

Church is the VERY environment that should focus us on our purpose of living as Christ-followers, not merely be something that is endured because of the tedium.

Hope that helps with the understanding of what “exciting” means to me, at least in the church context. And I hope you enjoy the picture of me I posted from the summer of 1987 & the Mexico City “Exciting Church” tour.

13 thoughts on “A Little Clarification

  1. i’ve seen you point your toes like that when you play guitar…now I know where it comes from.

  2. Is that FES from that 70’s show? Murdoc had it nailed especially the Growth/Transformation part. Churchs that embrace the changing environment seem to be a little more exciting. Take blogging for example. Relationships and transformation. As my wife would say “you killed 2 stones with one bird”…she’s funny. The one thing murdoc missed…more cow bell!

  3. I thought you said on Sunday that we weren’t going to have trapezes hanging from the ceiling.

  4. – as this picture evidences, it’s from personal experience that we won’t have any trapeze’s :)

  5. i’m still confused, i.e. i’m requiring a little more clarification.

    silly jaybird, fez and estrada couldn’t have a baby together. at least not unless they did some kind of in vitro thing so ahnold could carry it full term. what’s danny devito up to these days?

  6. I heard this from the UPS guy…if you want to see him in his tights, you have to drop by the office during the week.

  7. You all are funny! The trapeze was removed because pastors falling onto the congregation started to scare people away. I thought everyone knew that.

  8. Just a boy trying to figure it out on the fly….referring to flying through the air with the greatest of ease???

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