Fun Football, Part 3

Sunday afternoon highlights are especially fun with Haro Joe in effect. This is even more true having not only Willis McGahee at RB, but #1 pick Peyton Manning @ QB. I envisioned great numbers, lots of TD passes & all kinds of victories for me – but, not today. 13 completions for 122 yards? From Peyton Manning? Come on, Lusi-anna boy – you’re killing me. I’ve been waiting YEARS for a QB like this, & this is what I get? He led my team to a 27 point week so far. Oh the humanity. Am I taking this too seriously?

12 thoughts on “Fun Football, Part 3

  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to Lou—–ie
    Happy Birthday to you

  2. I wish my QB scored some points, but then again, EVERYONE on the roster decided to take the day off. I have to placate myself with the knowledge that somehow, someway, they’ll come up big. And soon. And at least I didn’t lose like Ben did. Oh, man.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – they are appreciated!

  3. Your team was too focused on what to give you for your birthday…obviously it wasn’t performance.

  4. watched your #1 pix little bro today…maybe you shoulda taken him this year. happy birthday anyway!

  5. yeah, my team didn’t do so well on Sunday either. damm oakland a’s . oh wait this isn’t about baseball.

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