How To Make Church Exciting…

Thanks for the huge response to the previous post – now, in the same spirit, how bout we tackle this one: If everything in church was negotiable EXCEPT for the core message of Jesus Christ & the cross, what would you do to make church exciting?

12 thoughts on “How To Make Church Exciting…

  1. I am really enjoying church these days…but I think that someday down the road, a Saturday night service would be soooooo cool.

  2. definitely a sat. night w/ some harder-edged music & the laying on of hands for healing. that would be exciting for me.

  3. What makes church exciting is transformation. When broken people come to church & find Christ rather than “church” & are healed & transformed into faithful Christ followers is exciting. Also, when people realize that they have giftings & talents & are released to serve using those & enjoying it…that’s pretty exciting too.

    Let’s see if I can come up with a top 10 list of what makes church exciting:
    1. Jesus (obviously)
    2. Relationships
    3. Relevance
    4. Authenticity
    5. Growth & transformation (personal & church wide)
    6. A good pastor
    7. Vision for the future
    8. Matt C.
    9. Opportunities to serve
    10. Lots of hott chicks!

  4. I also think a Saturday night service would be great in our casino town. I’d love to see Joni “speeching” with you too!!

  5. I like Jay’s comment–a time of ministry.

    I also would love to see a more organized altar ministry for people who make decisions for Christ. (follow up, etc.)

    btw, this is Georgia but since Louie hasn’t made me a “team member,” I stole Dennis’ i.d. and password. }:-]

  6. I also agree with Jay’s comment, as well as everything that murdoc said, except the “hot chicks” part, ‘cuz some of us are really just not into that sort of thing! ;)

  7. i think weve got all of murdoc’s list- even #. it is hard for me to separate exciting from entertaining, it would be keen though, to see more visual arts.

  8. I think a Sat service would be cool too. I would also love to hear more sweet guitar solos during service, maybe let Duffy or Dave go off on bass and let Fradster have a good time too. I always love the music. Hot chicks, yeah, let’s see how we could get that going.

  9. Like meat said, it seems that it is difficult to differentiate exciting(enjoyable) from entertaining. If you are entertaining Scoey, you will then be a resource church & Ill call & ask for stuff.

  10. I think what make church really exciting is that we can be who we are. We don’t have to hide our past mistakes because we’re ashamed and we don’t have to give up our unrealistic dreams because they’re not practical. No matter what we’ve done and what we want to do in the future, we will still be loved by this family. Churches that pass judgment on others are boring/cliche/overdone.

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