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Among the masses, I return to school. On the agenda for this fall is Info Systems 101 (via correspondence of course,) Core Humanities 202 (a cultural history of Europe – 1550-21st century), & Communications 312 (aka: non-verbal communication)

There’s something that I just love about going to school. I think it’s the ‘forced’ learning – going where I wouldn’t normally go without outside impetus.

I really like how my brain engages in response to the mind-numbing drone of professors… another response could be total shut-down & drool-age, but I like the challenge to rise up above that & think…

I hope to continue taking classes all of my days

14 thoughts on “back to school

  1. this may have an obvious answer but…why do so many University European history courses take up at 1550?

    …besides the fact of course that Nostradamus’ first almanac was written in 1550.

  2. my instructor this go round attributed it to the advent of the age of enlightenment (increase in trade, the printing press, free-er exchange of ideas, etc.)

    To me, it’s an era where humanism really got rolling – the ‘heroes’ of the era seem to be the ones who continually shake their fists at God…

  3. Very cool Louie, I am in agreement with you as long as it is music related in my case. I was doing some real music reading in on eof my classes and I was really cool. I know its not the norm to nerd out and read acctual music these days and instead use tabs, but I find it interesting to read the notes. I learn much more about harmony and how it moves. So I was pretty stoked to get together with strangers who are note reader nerds in school the other day.

  4. noel, you can take my MGT 496 class any day. I’ll give you the syllabus next time I see you, hows that sound? I’m not too fond of “forced” education. I know it is doing me well, but I’m super glad I am graduating in December.

  5. it’s good to see the age on the blogs. i saw you around school carrying your guitar past the shuttle. i tried to yell “nerd” loud enough so you could hear me, but my Darth Vader mask muffled the sound.

  6. ::snort::
    cool!! what kind of lunch box did you get this year? i am still carrying my brother’s he man one. that guy sucks. she-ra could take him any day. she is the princess of power you know, with beauty of a flower.

  7. Yeah, when you yell out words like “nerd” to others in a Darth Vader mask like that, nobody seems hear, and it just seems to echo underneeth the mask in your own voice and in your own ears:) Happens to the best of us.

  8. Non-verbal Communication, huh? I remember that one… Do you think a Darth Vader mask counts as non-verbal communication of one’s nerdiness?

  9. Ok, I am going to stop being the advocate to a movie I thoughouly enjoy and support. Although it would be more nerdy these days to wear a mask ever since the 99′ release, I would support Brent actually doing this on the UNR campus. In fact, if I saw Brent with a vader mask on campus I would probrably ask for orders for a mission or something.

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