what? this is strange

why am i posting on your board? look at me..i just hopped on your cookie. boing boing. how the crap do i reply. cant a girl just reply?

4 thoughts on “what? this is strange

  1. Hi shontell-
    thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, a girl can just reply. You can do that by hitting the ‘comment’ button.

    thanks for the nonsense at it’s finest

  2. boing,boing,boing….
    ok my word verification on this was fatqr. what are you tryin to say that im fat??? huh huh…

  3. lol. is that funny ha ha or funny queer.
    hey brent remember when you are a movie hound and i want to borrow some. what are you doing in about an hour. can i come “rent” some from you library of holiness.
    when i say rent, i mean i will leave one of my kids and you will let me take a movie. :) thanks

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