taking it up a notch

blog ads suck.
so do trolls…

so, I’m taking it up a notch.

I figure that everyone that I want to hear from on my blog, I can have email me & join my “official blog team” – that means, if you want to be a part of my blog-party, drop me an email, & I’ll add you manually.

take that ad-man.
pound sand, troll w/o the stones to own their own comments.

16 thoughts on “taking it up a notch

  1. That’s what I’m talking about. Hopefully others will soon follow in your footsteps so that this can be a conversation, not a place for schmucks to be antagonstic in the name of argument. It takes all my energy to not verbally lacerate those we don’t speak of. Seriously. I’m about to faint.

  2. i have not been hit by the blog ad attack yet, so i am willing to still let my blog be a free marketplace of ideas.

    i have this theory that trolling may be the only outlet for extremely mentally challenged misanthropes to entertain themselves that doesn’t involve bringing weapons to school. if thorn needs to post on my blog mocking and deriding people that it is very nice to face-to-face to feel good about itself, then i will provide an outlet for that. that and i don’t have everybody’s e-mail address that i want to be a part of my blog.

  3. I’m not really interested in a 100% free exchange of ideas; this is my blog, about the stuff I want to write about. It’s not my desire to provide a place for everyone to do their thing (after all, blogspot blogs are free. Trolls get your own.)

    Ultiimately, I’m more interested in connecting with the lives of people that I know & already have relationship with. People that are willing to invest in each other, encourage each other, & challenge each other.

    Blog Trolls can hit someone else’s blog for their ‘outlet’. I don’t have the time or inclination to jerk around with the drive-by troll & would rather spend the time I DO have on the people who really would appreciate & most benefit from it.

    And, I do have the email address for all the people I want to blog with. Like you Brint

  4. i’m kinda indifferent on this. does anyone have an idea who butterfly, nano, or thorn is? i can see that they’ve pissed a few people off. do you think they were intentionally trying to do this, or is it possible that they’re young & immature? i don’t know.

  5. i can delete lame comments but the spam problem is frustrating, i’m going to try the word ver. thing on my blog, if that doesn’t work i guess people will have to join my group as well, this is all very silly

  6. i’d rather not expend the breath or energy it takes to think/type on the “ID” of troll-ers.

    lame = stinko

  7. but it’s like a mystery. or at least a riddle wrapped within an enigma.

    i still have yet to get spammed. odd.

  8. why I say no more.

    it’s a lot like having a conversation in your living room with a friend. then all of the sudden, some unknown person comes running through the house, uninvited, & starts shouting antagonistic remarks to me & the friend I’m talking to.

    I wouldn’t tolerate that type of invasion, & would do what I could to make sure that the conversation I was in (in my own house for that matter,) is not interrupted by random crap from people who don’t really want to interact, but rather just spew & antagonize. not in my house. the people I’m talking with are worth it. I’m worth it.

    If anyone wants to interact, introduce yourself, come in through the front door, & play nice with those already here.

    that’s why.

  9. but you don’t advertise “open house”, for your house, on neighborhood corners.

    the blogs are easily accessed by the world, already existing hillsiders, & new hillsiders. it’s like an open invite for anyone that knows about or can find the Hillside website. i see this as why we may be encountering some sh!t. ultimately, it’s your choice. but it’s not a mystery or something magical as to why this stuff has happened to us- we have a link to our blog from our church’s home page.

  10. Im on the list so I guess I can say whatever I want because I came in through the front door. Playing nicely with others is a learned behavior & I have a rare learning disability.

  11. I have previously posted about my poor marks in the “plays well with others” category! But I’m here anyway! ;)

  12. murdoc-ya make me laugh. learnin disabilty lol!!! anyway, hope i am in now cause this tech stuff gets confusin to me.
    oh yeah, and these word verification things are makin me thinks i need glasses.

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