Water, water, everywhere

We spent the whole day at the church today – it was the very last day of Kidland camp, so my kids made sure to sqeeze every last bit of fun from the day. By the time we finally got home, we were dead tired, & ready for nothing more strenuous than 2 episodes of Stargate SG-1 (we’re in Season 4, Disk 3, thank you for asking.)

I thought something might be amiss when I went into the downstairs bathroom & the rug was wet; the kind of wet that says a) it rained w/the window open b) the boys missed again, or c) we’ve got some leakage. But no, I’m tired, it has to be wet from the rain. Yesterday’s rain, right?

So, I went from denial in the bathroom to the garage – did I mention that I have a garage that is indoors, shielded from the elements? I do. Anyways, all of the lights in the garage are burned out, (so it’s dark – I like the dark, so its ok,) and while I’m doing the laundry (cleaning my whites & blatantly sucking up to the woman of the house… ) I feel rain. In the garage. Looking up, I see (in the dark) a stream of water pouring onto the floor. Inside. I can no longer live in denial. So I must minimize.

The wife calls the plumbers who’ve been working upstairs (did I mention we’re having a complete remodel of our bathroom done so that not one, but two (2!) people can stand in the bathroom at the same time?!) – she begins to describe the problem, & we get a plumber to come visit us for special. No worries, I’m off the hook. Time for Stargate.

And then the plumber arrives to check out the damage – I hear his arrival, but am much too absorbed in Sci-Fi (O’Neill’s search for the Goa’uld & the unas that took Daniel Jackson,) – then the noise starts – kinda like when you’re powerwashing the outside of your house. Problem is, it’s coming from inside. And the plumber is running. And yelling. No more Stargate; I cannot minimize any longer. Water is dripping from the 2nd floor down into the ceiling & walls of my first floor. The ceiling is sagging, the light sockets ooze water. There is plastic all over the floor to protect the carpet we’re removing in 3 months. The water has been turned off, but the ceiling sags more; I can’t use the toilet, & now I have to go bad. The wife is snapping pictures like a tourist @ Disneyland – water drips. I’m surrounded by water – time to move the computer… & the TV.

What comes next? I don’t know; I am an indoor person who types on computers, reads books, & stuff like that. Fixing Things is what you get people to come do at your house – people that Know What They Are Doing.

If I play my cards right, I’ll get to see Stargate tonight.

6 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere

  1. Man, that bites! Reminds me of a Super Bowl Sunday not too many years ago when my drains were plugged up. Called in a plumber on triple time who worked all afternoon then told me I probably had collapsed lines in the yard and would have to have it all dug up. Took my money and left with the drains still plugged. No, I don’t remember who won the game, or who was even playing. I was not a happy camper. Sounds like you managed to handle this with a lot more grace.

  2. ::sniff: i got teary with pride when you mentioned your wife taking pictures. ::sigh:: i true scrapbooking moment
    on another note, i will pray for your lives pre-germany. clearly you need it and you can be encouraged that you are right where God wants you or the devil wouldnt be taking such an interest.
    “Count it joy” he says.
    good luck with that one

  3. the pictures make it look a lot worse then what I saw in person…but I was only down stairs, not in the indoor garage…but it sounds like fun…wait, no….

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