searching for God knows what…

i just finished a book by a guy named donald miller called “searching for God knows what.” it deals with the idea that Christianity is taught to us & often practiced as though it is merely a formula that is to be followed; a good moral code, a list of do’s & don’ts that should be followed at all costs. sounds good, right?

the problem with that, according to miller, is that it isn’t what Christ & His followers were to be about – instead the life of the Christ-follower is to be about relationship. basically stated, it is to love God & to love others. we relay to others that we are Christ-followers by our love (ala the Gospel O’ John 13:34,35)

it’s a very good book that at the same time is very disturbing, not so much for it’s content, but for the way it contrasts Christ’s stated purpose for the Church & also what we have made “the church” – a religious institution that is most intent on perpetuating itself, along with a distinct moral, social, & political agenda that often don’t even come close to representing the Christ who saved us. ya oughta take a look at it.

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  1. It’s funny that you’re reading Donald Miller. I think we are going to be reading Blue Like Jazz next in the Bible study/Book study that I’ve been going to that Becky leads. We’ve also been talking about a lot of that contrast already in our discussion of God’s Politics.

  2. God’s Politics sounds like such a loaded book title. man, why didn’t becky invite me to this thing – i would have had way too much fun!!

    i agree that the “church” in general doesn’t always do a good job of the loving like Jesus (maybe because we really can’t?), but i have also watched as people go down the perilous road of love without acknowledging the reality of consequences which is perilously close to enabling. it’s a wicked fine line, as they say in Boston, to walk. it’s not possible without a lot of prayer, etc.

    i always wish there were a few stories with the people who Jesus told to go and sin no more coming back after doing the same thing, with the same result, and expecting to be healed without question or rebuke. then after i finish wishing, i remember that i am that person and He’s been pretty darn good to me so far.

  3. you are good people – let’s chat more on the “searching” book

  4. i see scoey is attempting to pull us back on track, so i will oblige. i think that we miss out on the importance of relationship a lot. it’s been weighing on me a bit.

    during some reading that other book that’s pretty important, i came across a story in luke (8:26-39 if you’re interested) that just stuck out to me. Jesus cast demons (Legion) out of this guy who had been living in the cemetery. the guy wanted to come with Jesus and his disciples, but Jesus told him to stay and tell everyone what had happened. why?

    i understand that hanging out naked in graveyards does not help you build strong relationships with others, but i think the principle can be applied here. this guy had to stay because his transformation would make more impact to the people who actually knew or knew of him in his area than if he had travelled somewhere else and said “well, you know i used to be all full of demons and now i’m not” to some random person who had never seen him.

    was that really back on topic? i’m not sure

  5. I wonder what freaks & ghouls look like…and it’s hung, not hunged. Im not to sure what Jesus drinking wine in public has to do with anything previosly written. Ive never read Donald Miller. Hook it up Scoey. Yet another book to give Mr. Mullins to read.

  6. I actually have the book youre talking about…thanks for the bday present. Did you like this one or Blue like Jazz better?

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