when it rains, it pours

We’re recovering from our deluge – though the evidence of the flood is manifesting in swelled sheetrock, buckled ceilings, & exposed nails all over the place. Just in time for a trip to Europe!

Working through the unknowns of “how is this going to be taken care of?” Insurance company wants nothing to do with it – they don’t exist to cover stuff like this, only to take our premium monthly. After all, we had a flood before, & now become a risk (translation: if something happens where damage occurs to the INSURED HOUSE, we call the company insuring the house to work through it… go figure.) The plumbing company sounds more like the black knight from “The Holy Grail” fame, minimizing the damage done with countless, “It’s a mere flesh wound. A scratch.” Plus, we are remodeling, so what are a couple extra rooms worth of work?

bottom line, I’m feeling the pressure – deadlines for Germany trip, deadlines for house remodel, deadlines for prepping church for 2 weeks of no one in the office, deadlines…

My responses have been typical for me under pressure – terse, intense, loud even. Not handling the pressure well, Master Yoda would say – evidence of what lies beneath the surface in the heart Matthew 7 would say. Work in me Jesus – I need you BIG

6 thoughts on “when it rains, it pours

  1. Yes, you need Jesus and a dose of Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis. That is what the doktor prescribes…

  2. This is just a “light affliction” compared to the Glory to come my Brother.
    You are dearly loved!

  3. i don’t handle that kind of pressure well either. not that i’ve ever had a flood inside my house before.

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