fridays are my day off… that being the case, i should be set for a day of ‘relaxation.’ however, the ability to relax often eludes me – which makes it extra tough to really, truly take a “day off,” (aka a day of rest, a sabbath)- it wouldn’t take much cross-eyed reasoning to convince myself that i wasn’t working SO hard, & that i was sorta relaxing by my half-way, half-hearted obedience to God’s commandment that has my physical, emotional, & even spiritual well-being at it’s heart. Lord, show me how to relax, to unwind, to be still

3 thoughts on “relaxation

  1. I have a great idea of how to relax . . .
    Go watch Revenge of the Sith, slacker.

  2. If I don’t watch it- I find myself thinking about the things I’ll be doing when I’m supposed to be resting. I can get my body to be still, but the challenge is getting the mind to be still. Lately, getting my mind to be still, goes something like this, “I am loved, forgiven, & accepted, Lord- please give me peace, let me rest in You, help me Lord- I’m thinking/worrying about that thing again, & so on….. I’ve been spending a good part of my “rest” days re-wiring my mind & how it processes thoughts. It’s just as tiring as being busy. It takes a bit of time to train the mind in a new way.

  3. I find it hard to feel like I haven’t wasted my day when I truely take a day of rest. I get the end of it and feel frustrated at myself for not accomplishing anything. Then the struggle ensues…visit my blog…I have more to say about this.

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