Weezer & Annie

Weezer & Annie Herring – post-Concert @ Hillside Foursquare Church! Posted by Picasa

one of the things that truly gives me joy is seeing my kids enjoy themselves – perhaps this is most seen in the life & times of weezer, my 8-year old. last night, our church hosted Annie Herring for a concert of worship – weezer was absolutely captured by this woman of grace & elegance, who, more importantly to weezer, immediately included her in her pre-concert routine & made her feel absolutely like 1 million dollars. (it was so cool for Annie to teach weez how to do real girl-pushups… i’ve never quite been able to get those down…)

long after we got home, weez was still listening (& singing along) to the Annie Herring cd that she’d purchased with her own $15; she was caught up in the wonder of having yet another woman in her life as a role model (after her mom of course.) in Annie, she gets a woman who loves Jesus Christ & has set Him apart in her life to bring Him fame & honor by the way she lives. i am thankful for the impact made in my little girl’s life, & pray that i too will be able to be the kind of role model she can follow

3 thoughts on “Weezer & Annie

  1. Random thoughts not really connected to the Annie Herring concert (though I’m glad it was a good experience for you and yours):

    Hmmm . . . perhaps I should start a blog.

    You know, I was worried that watching four children, reading books, keeping the house relatively clean, attempting to nurse my yard back to health, and miscellaneous household chores would not be enough to keep me busy over what’s left of summer break. In the last week I have accumulated a part time job, signed up for a correspondence college class, agreed to learn bass guitar in 4 weeks, and now at least 3 blogs have been added to my “must visit daily” list that already includes posting boards on fantasy sports sites.

    Hmmm . . . perhaps I shouldn’t start my own blog.

  2. Bring it Brintus – I think it’d be a great thing to get to read the musings of your math mind revealed… maybe not a “great” thing, but at least entertaining, & that’s almost as good. What do you say?

  3. I say: I’ll think about it. I’m giving it the kind of consideration I figure Einstein had to give regarding whether or not he should share the principles that built the atomic bomb with the leaders of countries at war. I need to find a good picture, too. That takes time.

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