i was reading in 1Timothy 4:7,8 today – it says

:Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness; for physical/bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since is holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

it got me to thinking – i spend a good chunk of time working out – trying to get my physical body “in shape.” part of it is that i want to be healthy and live a long & productive life, but a larger part is that i care how i look on the outside. makes me wonder – do i think & care more about my physical body & my appearance than i do about the spiritual part of me? is my exterior getting all the attention, while the interior, the spiritual part of me, gets leftovers?

God, please show me how you would have me to live & to discipline myself for Your purposes; i want to be set apart to live a life of godliness, & not just spend my days dealing w/an exterior that is doomed to deteriorate anyway. give me Your priorities for my life…

3 thoughts on “priorities

  1. I know what you mean – well not about spending a lot of time working out – but about giving the leftovers to spiritual development. I’ve just recently begun to seriously dedicate a chunk of time to prayer and study, and it has made so much of a difference. It sounds basic, but it’s so hard to stay regular – maybe even harder than keeping a regular appointment at the gym.

  2. i know that i sweat less in prayer & study… but seriously, i figured at some point i’d have more of a handle on how this sp. dev. is supposed to work :)

  3. this is not a plug for my Bible study HONEST. beside…you are a boy. you arent welcome. i mean, only as a pastor. well…you get it. anyhoo, since beginning the First Place study myself, i have been convicted. i would never consider myself a self absorbed person, but everytime i get started back at the gym or start watching what i eat, it isnt because i am putting God in the most important spot in my life. It’s because i want to look better, or feel better. ME. ya know. obviously my body and health and outlook will benefit from these changes, but shouldnt God be my reason for doing ALL that i do. in fact..oh yah, thats right. The Bible even tells me so. isnt that funny. listen and obey…its that second part i struggle with.
    prayers are always welcome and heavily needed lol

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