Sunday afternoon…

Watching football & thinking about the last few days of food, family, Thanksgiving, & football. Sigh.

Thinking about my boy, John Louis – aka the Pasty Gangster… a nickname that I stole for him from John Stockton, a driven, sharp elbowed individual who starred in hoops at Gonzaga & with the Utah Jazz

Got to watch Pasty’s State semi-final game yesterday – a combination of turnovers & a terrific Bishop Gorman team marked the end of his season… albeit one that took the Reed team further into the playoffs than they’d been since 1994. Way to go Pasty.

I’m especially proud of my boy for how he handled adversity. Started the season with a pretty good concussion (from an even better hit.) Missed a game & then battled for the rest of the year to regain the playing time he’d had before the concussion. But he never complained. He just worked hard – in the weight room, on the practice field, & even occasionally in the classroom. :) He played any position they’d put him at, ran the scout team, & worked his tail off to do the best he could, all the while keeping team & team success at the forefront of his focus.

Now for the 2nd semester of the Senior year, & preparation for what comes next.

Met a couple of young ladies today after church – had lunch with Ashley & Breezy. Remarkable. Ashley is 2 years out of high school, while Breezy is in her senior year, hoping to finish up by January 2010. Found out some interesting stuff that they’re doing. Like leading a Bible study that has a few new Christians, a few pre-Christian seekers, & a couple of curious people. They meet on Wednesday nights, & are studying through Deuteronomy. Yes, that Deuteronomy. I asked what they were enjoying the most, & they said, “It’s so FUN! Seeing people come to understand the scriptures, & have the a-HA! moment when they ‘get it.’ It’s the best.”

The girls are currently wanting to plant a Sunday night study where everyone who comes on Wednesday brings a friend that doesn’t profess Christianity, but that is open to hear about & study the Bible with them.

Amazing young women.

Nyquil, esp. the original flavor, is really tasty.

Having Thanksgiving Dinner again tonight. Don’t tell anyone, but theBean cooked a killer turkey. I may even have a bite or 2 before I descend upon the tri-tip.

One thought on “Sunday afternoon…

  1. Johnny is a remarkable young man and I feel privileged to know him . . . Personally I’m looking forward to getting to know the adult Johnny even more . . .

    Deuteronomy . . . Now that is dedication to the word . . . Actually, Deuteronomy has some pretty good stuff in it . . . Sounds like your new “meet the Pastor” lunch is off to a great start!

    Nyquil . . . I love that stuff! I just don’t like how I’m feeling when I need to take it . . . But I do know when I need it, it never lets me down . . . Liquid Jesus . . . Did I just say that out loud?

    Thanksgiving leftovers are the bestest!

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