a shout out to Thanksgiving Victory

For the last couple of months, I’ve been listening & re-listening to an mp3 series called “Thanksgiving Victory” by Keith Moore. I’ve found it to be incredibly encouraging – esp. in the reminders to purpose to give thanks. Be thankful. Practice thanksgiving… & not just in good times, or when things are going well. Another thing that really jumped out at me is the connection between giving thanks & exercising faith… that it takes faith to give thanks in times of difficulty or trouble.

Another area that really resonated was the connection between complaining, nitpicking, flexing ones negativity, self-pity, jealousy, & ungratefulness. It really jumped out at me that all of these feelings that lead to behaviors that are selfish, destructive, & not contributing to the goal of becoming more like Jesus can be overcome & overlaid by an attitude of thanksgiving… & as a Christ-follower, its not just an optional suggestion that I do this.

Later, when I was reading my Bible, I started seeing the command to “give thanks” all over the place, kinda like once you get a blue hoodie, you start noticing all the blue hoodies others have. It’s everywhere. Psalms is especially full of it – with the instruction being that I’m to come into God’s presences with thanksgiving, & to be constantly looking to give thanks (& praise!) for the things He has done, is doing, & will do for me.

Hasn’t been easy, & I was really surprised at how susceptible to negativity & ungratefulness I have been… & at the same time, how in a few months, I have seen & experienced a very real change in the way I think & speak.

Good stuff. I’d highly recommend the whole series.

2 thoughts on “a shout out to Thanksgiving Victory

  1. My favorite series by far! I started smiling the other day while thinking about that biscuit.

  2. I am thankful for my friends Louie and Joni and their constant pursuit to live life fully, and to the beat of their own drum.

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