sunday afternoon musings…

it was only 17:45 when I started this post, so it does technically qualify as “afternoon” still. As I type, the rain is falling lightly, while rays of sun still manage to find their way through the scattered gray clouds. Truly wonderful. I could get lost in the sky… & I say to myself, “What a wonderful world…”

I wish I would have appreciated Johnny Cash’s music more before he died. Seems like whatever mood I happen to be in, I find myself choosing his library more & more often… esp. “Walk The Line.”

Really enjoying the virtual perusing of art galleries – learning the difference between the impressionists & expressionists, & all kinds of other things. I think that I’m going to try to prioritize more in-person viewing. Even if its not the Louvre.

On that note, I could look at Starry Night for a year.

And one of the reasons I love Marc Chagall’s paintings so much is that they remind me of my friend theMoses. Esp. this one. I love Moe’s work.

I hit a wall this morning. Not a literal wall; I reached my social interaction overload & recognized a desperate, crying need to get recharged… And just how does an introvert recharge? Sitting on the couch with the Pasty. Hanging incognito with IDoey & Pasty at the Nike Factory Outlet at Legends. Good times. Now I’m sitting on the porch watching the rain fall, & I’m the only one home. Enjoying A Fine Frenzy. (which you should give a listen to when you get a chance. Man. I’m switching back & forth between that & Regina Spektor’s new one.

Shouldn’ta waited so long to recharge. Good reminder.

Sometimes it feels like the expectations of others are a weight… even when you’re not trying to meet those expectations… if they’re not a weight, they’re at least a large object in the room that has to at least be acknowledged.

Kona Coffee IS all its been cracked up to be. Thanks for the bag Debi. You looked absolutely beautiful in your dress yesterday, by the way. I’m so proud of you, Squirrel.

Perseverance at a good thing is very enjoyable… especially when the ‘return’ starts to show. Love it.

SECRET DREAM: I want to be the old guy in the church, the guy in his 60s, 70s, & 80s that people call “Grampa” – I want to be faithful & growing in my life & in my relationship with Jesus & with others up to the last breath I have on earth. I want to be a living, breathing example of God’s goodness, faithfulness, & mercy – a tangible reminder that trusting God & following Him with one’s decisions & actions has great & long-lasting results. And I will trim my ear & nose hair regularly. And will probably still be wearing my hoops.

And I want to be “Opa” in Deutschland too.

It will happen.

My birthday is “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Who’d a thunk it? Aargh.

Temperature is supposed to “drop” into the low 90s this week. Sah-WEEET. Here’s to cooler days!

The smell of rain in the air is a happy smell to me. Right up there with fresh coffee. And Shorties Blueberry Cobbler Candles. She’s local – & makes the BEST candles ever. Mmmm.

6 thoughts on “sunday afternoon musings…

  1. Glad to hear that you got to have peaceful incognito afternoon at the Nike factory…

    Did you really just find out about Talk Like a Pirate Day? I've been getting pirate themed gifts and cards for years… :)

  2. -Did you just use military time? Sweet. Another reason we are friends.

    -I have been longing for my cave lately… looks like it will be a while before I can crawl into it. I have had a social-overdose lately.

    -So does this mean you will be having a pirate themed birthday party this year? Or maybe just drink some rum?

    I could probably comment on each of your topics… but I will spare you.

    My word verification is: chomp

  3. I resonated with your comment on "expectations" . . . Always been an issue for me that contributes to anxiety . . . Plus I love the summer rain . . . For me personally, rain signifies God's blessing on my life and I always breathe in the "reminder" every chance I get . . .

    Have a good week my friend . . .

  4. that tiny little blip about expectations i could talk about for days i will spare you, but i will say this, it is nice to have friends who take you as you are and anymore it's really THE only people i want to be around. i like being around you and joni for that reason.
    one more thing on that note i think the expectations i have for myself are the hardest ones to live by.

  5. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Johnny Cash reminds me of my Grandma and therefore is a favorite of mine as well.
    I love to hear my kids sing his songs.

  6. i though we discussed talk like a pirate day on your birthday a few years back. perhaps your memory is starting to . . . drift a little.

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