Monday afternoon musings…

Brother & I hit a new spot for lunch today – Beto’s – Guadalajara style Mexican food, on Ralston & 5th, right next to JJ’s Pie Co. Met with some other brothers & ate Wet Burritos… the Wet referring to the salsa that is slathered all over the insides of the burrito. Good stuff. Made me crave JJ’s wings though.

Ellie learns all kinds of new stuff at the office – today, it was how to recognize U2: Bono. Edge. Larry. Adam. Yes.

You can thank me later Ellie B.

The snow of last Tuesday, & the abomination of the Broken Irrigation Valve threw a wrench into my Well-Laid Plans. So this week will be IKEA week- to get the bookshelves that are necessary for the reorganization process of the office & LY-berry. Oh yes. It will be done.

TheBean celebrates her birthday on 24 April. As I type this, I’m looking at 2 of the pics that she gave me her Senior year of High School… back in the day when she was 17. I still have to pinch myself sometimes – thinking, “This girl really likes me. Still.” Wow. Who’d a thunk it?

Brother got as giddy as a school boy today – if you’ve read of his frustrations with our lot-lurkers HERE, you’ll be glad to know that we had some ‘visitors’ today.(NOTE: the lot-lurker visitors are easy to spot – they park in the furthest parking spot in the lot, under the trees. All windows up. Usually tinted.)

Brother decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore… so he called RPD… and they showed up! First one car. Then shortly after, another (BACKUP! They called for BACKUP!) Got the people out of the car – multiple guys. 1 woman. Cuffed the guys. Loaded the back of the two cars.

Then, out of the blue, a big RPD paddy-wagon showed up – & all the cuffed humans were put into it. Excitement up on the Hill. Don’t come here & break the law, man.

Something that I’ve been mulling over… Reading through Exodus, what is jumping out at me are the smells, specifically those that God instructs Moses to make & to prepare a place for – using the finest smelling oils & incense… so that every time people would come into God’s presence, they would be met with a fragrant & memorable smell… Hmmm.

Think I’m sneaking out at 1 on Wednesday for my first Aces game. Esp. with the weather we’re supposed to be having… goodness.

4 thoughts on “Monday afternoon musings…

  1. Sounds like a lot of adventure in the lot!

    Have fun on your IKEA trip– and at the Aces game!

  2. I excitedly asked Andy what the lesson was on Sunday night and he said it was on how God smelled. Apparently like a certain candle company :)

    Go Ben!

  3. IKEA is what I picture an opium den looking like: Lots of pillows and lots of Asians.

    Try not to chase the dragon during your visit.

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