I spent 10 years of my life as a volunteer & vocational youth worker… & know firsthand the very real pressure that exists in wanting, needing to be ‘cool’ in the eyes of the students that one is working with.

And yes, the video is over-the-top. But I bet while you watch it, you just MIGHT think that Ignatius starts to remind you of a someone you’ve known before… & comments on a bit of the mockery we’ve made of a relationship with God…

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  1. That was brilliant! What a flaming moron! It does seem familiar though. I maintain that Christianity cannot and will never be cool. We need to be OK with that. Jesus will constantly expect you to do things that are seriously not cool – like associate with the terminally uncool – so I don’t see how we can ever really hope to manage obedience and coolness. Though it seems we are doomed to keep trying in often hillarious ways…

  2. Eugene – the book is priceless, and the comments are just plain awesome.

    I’m a flamer and I’m proud. Very nice find, Lou.

  3. You know where the name "Flame" comes from, right? It comes from a verse in the BIble that talks about fire…

    No..el – you gotta get all the way to the end. Ya gotta.

    Eugene – yes. Christianity & coolness/hipness not in the same sentence. Neither should ignorant, naive, irrelevant, hard-hearted, or about 10 other things that are swirling my head.

  4. funny stuff. great find. reminded me of The Office that it’s setup/filmed.

  5. I could not agree with you more. I think part of the problem is the idea that “cool” is a synonym for “relevant” or “relatable”. Its so not! CS Lewis is a great example – he sure wasn’t cool, I have almost nothing in common with him and I don’t think much about my life would make sense to him and yet he has been extremely relevant to me and I have been able to relate to so much of what he wrote and I know I am not the only one. I think that just shows that you don’t have to be hip to matter.

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