Sunday afternoon…

Illy in the afternoon, a freshly pulled shot, accompanied by a teaspoon of Skippy Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter. Looking at the beautiful (yes I said beautiful) brown Nevada hills… & in the distance the snow-tipped Sierras. I feel the favor of the LORD God on my life this afternoon.

Reviewing my studies for our small group study on Enoch – I really love Brown’s compilation, complete with annotations & Bible cross-references. Even more than the study I love the fact that I get to interact with the people that come to my house. I’m stuck on the ‘reflecting part’ of that right now… on the richness of life that is revealed only in the context of relationships…

Looks like 2 May, 2009, we’re going to be putting on an Art Show/Exhibition/Display/Gala… celebrating the arts, artists, & creativity within our church family & community. More on that later…

The Chronicles of Narnia – 2009… I’m through the whole series again, save for “The Last Battle.” I’ve always had a hard time reading that one because its the LAST one in the series. And when I read it, I go as slow as possible to make it last as long as I can. Don’t know why.

Brother & I are off to the LPC tomorrow for a couple of days – to check out some online schooling possibilities for the both of us, to sit in on a couple of classes, & of course to raise a pint or two while pontificating, plotting, & musing with friends. Can’t wait.

Had a couple of moments today during the speech where I felt overwhelmed… not the bad kind either. Hard to put words to it. For those of you who were there, it was during the quiet time where I didn’t say anything, & again at the end.

If I had to describe it, I’d say it was like the feeling you get when you step into water (ocean? pool?) & find out too late that its over your head. Surprising. But refreshing. Interesting. Can’t put my finger on it. Don’t know if I need to.

How early is too early to brew a pot of java?

Looks like the trip to Portland is on, in spite of the fact that the IR-S still seems to be unable to locate our tax-refund, which is bouncing somewhere near Sock Heaven (the place where renegade socks go after getting lost on their way through the washing/drying cycle.) Bummer. I could use that money at some point.

(BTW: we’re on week 6 of waiting for resolution. But I’m hopeful. But not holding my breath.)

Tonight feels like a soup night. So say we all.

5 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon…

  1. Just two things.

    #1 Thank you & Joni for creating opportunities for us to connect, it is appreciated!
    #2 It is NEVER too early to brew a pot of java. :)

  2. I concur, it is never too early for coffee! If the Lord didn’t intend for us to have coffee all the time He wouldn’t have made it so awesome!

  3. Know what I think of when I hear about “Illy”:

    A joint that is dipped in Formaldehyde, which when smoked contains a form of PCP.

    It has the capacity to make people go violently insane.

    What’s really going on?

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