driving me crazy…

Today on the way home to meet theBean in-between her Thursday double (2 shifts at work – 10-2, 4:45-close)… I observed someone driving & doing a Sudoku puzzle. Simultaneously. Not at a stoplight, but while driving. WHILE.

I was mortified. Ok, not mortified, that’s too strong of a word. Cracked up? Ok, that’s more accurate. So I decided to play a little game all the way home… on my 16 minute drive, to see what else I could observe my Fellow Drivers doing while they were driving. Or, rather, when they were supposed to be giving 100% of their attention to their driving.

  • Talking on the cell phone. Of course – even though MythBusters found that driving under the influence is less dangerous than driving while on the cell phone, everyone seems to do it. The only redeeming thing is that you can’t put down drunk…
  • Texting.
  • Smoking. And not just smoking. Chain-smoking.
  • Changing the radio station. While leaning over really close to the radio so it could be seen evidently.
  • Picking something out of their eyes, using the folded down visor mirror…
  • Eating & drinking. Using both hands, steering probably with the knees.
  • Yelling at (disciplining?) kids in the back seat. While facing said children.
  • Rocking out, using their thumb for a microphone, checking out the rear-view to see Just. How. Cool. I. Are.
  • Watching TV – the DVD player in the minivan displayed just above the driver – how convenient.
  • A couple of readers – I saw a newspaper reader (& I didn’t think they even got printed anymore,) & a big, thick book.
  • A car-cleaner upper – someone was picking up the trash from behind their seats & depositing it in a bag on the passenger seat.

  • I’m sure that there was more to observe, but I was driving. :)

    How about you? What’s have you seen other drivers doing while driving…?

    6 thoughts on “driving me crazy…

    1. The other day I saw a guy with his cell phone cradled between his head and his shoulder, eating a burger AND drinking his coke . . . I think he was steering with his knees . . .

      Many mornings on my commute I see women looking in a mirror and farding . . .

      And I don’t even want to mention what truckers do . . .

    2. I’ve seen a lady putting on her mascara in the mean time swerving like crazy.

    3. I haven’t the foggiest what other people are doing while they drive. I am usually too busy doing my makeup, talking on my cellular telephone to spite the MythBusters, disciplining children, cleaning my car, or singing into my wooden spoon microphone whilst dedicating songs to the occupants in my car. sorry to all i have wronged. You people must not trust God as much as I do.

      ps- my word ver is native. sweet.

    4. I have witnessed Noel brushing her teeth in the drivers seat of her car… sorry noel:)

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