sieben, acht, neun…

The last few days have been mostly good – greatly enjoyed the 2nd presenter, Michael Winkler – he’s a church strategist, but didn’t preach ‘models & methods’ – rather values, priorities, & Spirit-led life… in a way that could be understood by ME… I’m pondering all sorts of things, esp. being home, being with friends, & being at Hillside… feeling hopeful.

I’ve been spending lots of time with others – & really enjoyed my time with Roland Lorenz. He’s the pastor of “Arche Ottesweier” the church where Julia comes from. There is a special bond that has been growing, something that has gotten stronger having someone dear to him in our home & in our life. Hard to explain, but I can really sense a connection, much like I would feel if I knew one of the Eichhoernchen were in Deutschland.

I’ve also really loved that I got to hang out with Eddy – the pastor of our sister church. We have had opportunity for some very good talks over good hefe, & I am thankful that the connection with TPLF will continue. I want to ask you to pray for Eddy & Laura (his wife) – for wisdom & favor – its a tough thing to come into a church transition, even under the best of conditions. I’m thankful for him being open to me – & very much believe whatever challenges there are, he is the man for the job. Talking Church with Eddy (vs the Machine,) is one of the favorite things so far.

The person who coordinates the FEGW conferences is named Dagmar – She is a woman that theBean really hit it off with a few years ago – & is a gem of a woman; hospitable, thoughtful, organized. Though she likes theBean the best (who doesn’t?) she has made my time here very, very easy, & did a lot of the ‘pre-Deutschland’ connecting & registering for me. Without her, I’d have had to go at it on my own, & that can end one up on the wrong train. (Or so I’ve heard.)

Found out that there has been some changes at home. Painted rooms. Hallways. Julia driving, living like a real American. My car even. :) Its a highlight to me in coming home, to see how theBean has chosen to occupy her time. She even got onto Facebook & changed her profile picture, with a leeetttllle help from the Weez, of course.

Ooops. Coffee break. Kaffee pause, I mean. Don’t want to miss that.

Tonight, its back to Alex & Linda’s, then a meeting with Jan at 8 in the a.m. Then a train to Frankfurt, & meetings with the rest of the Roundabout team.

Thanks for reading, & for posting too. I love to hear from you.